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 Blanka and E. honda are bad matchups for me. they make me fight very cautiously. 

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I think SFIV is the best contender. What other game brings about a rennaisance of a dead genre?  
I think MGS4 is another contender, despite how i feel about the game personally.  
Coming down the line i see the FFXIII making its mark on history. 

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Final Fantasy XI
Metal Gear Online (not really) 
Street Fighter IV

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Dungeons and dragons 3.5 

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@Jeffsekai said:
" To anyone wondering what the IGN.com evo stuff is going to look like, I signed up for there insider thing so when its up I'll have acces to it and I will post what I think of it. (just gotta wait a week or so before its up)Also, I cannot wait for SBO now, gonna be the first time I will be cheering for Justin all the way (I think hes goin to SBO) . "
I will personally be cheering for Iyo the japanese national champion that plays Dhalsim. I dont know how SBO is going to be presented though, i dont believe its going to get a stream and it wont have english commentary which was one of the highlights of EVO. 

Please check back on the ign insider stuff. i am usually against most things IGN (really slow and over graphicized webpage, yes i just made up that word), but they trapped me with this evo deal. If i can watch EVO in Stunning Standard definition and 24 frames per second, kinda sold. it has to be a bit more enticing to lure me in the whole way since watching it live on a stream beats anything.
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What could he really expect out of Daigo though. 
In the end it was really a match of the fundementals i believe. I think the crowd cheering messed with Daigo's mind quite a bit during the fight. Im not sure if any tournaments in japan get that much hype. 

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Why is it that Justin's Boxer gives Daigo trouble, but daigo was able to beat Gootecks 3-0.

I guess its just me being a gootecks fan but i think gootecks has a more solid Boxer than justin. 

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@mnzy said:
" The movie was a little disappointing, the trailer catched alot better what I wanted to see.
There were very little ingame-scenes.
But this was just the first cut, afaik they are still working on it and will include EVO footage in the final version.
Still worth the watch, although I would wait for the HQ-download instead of the Stream.
Yes i caught the first rerun on the day the documentery ran. it was dissapointing to me because there isn't going on or being explained. For someone like me who kinda follows the scene it made sense, but i was watching with my girlfriend and she hated it. I hope the long cut is a bit more organized. ( by i a bit more i mean way more organized) . The guy was a Graphic design major, so for it to come out the way it did is expected.
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It's between Street fighter IV and Chrono Cross.

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I'm a great sword man, but im not afraid to try other things. i want to try and learn lances and a light bowgun, but right now i dont have the sufficent materials to make anything worthwhile. The lance is really cool though.