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#1 Posted by Zips (44 posts) -

I was looking for this as well and came across this:

Note the first part there, specifically the first bullet point of the first question.

"The content must be used in a non-commercial context for private, personal use only"

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@Sekoku: Sorry but you're going to have to get used to this. A lot of companies do this already so I'm not sure why you'd give him any guff for doing it as well.

I know 402 got a lot of crap, some deserved but most of it is unwarranted. Serving as the voice of an entire company or franchise that is as popular as Call of Duty/Modern Warfare is a thankless job. He put a smile on as best he could despite threats, insults, and God knows what else slung at him for being the voice of Infinity Ward and Activision (to a lesser extent). Best of luck to him.

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Interesting. Not sure how I feel about this yet.

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@Kidavenger said:

@ttocs said:

Yup, I'm still playing it and loving it. There's a reason it's making a lot of publications best games ever and most certainly of 2011.

a lot of publications? best game ever? you are clearly not thinking straight.

Seriously. I think a "lot of publications" haven't even considered SWTOR as part of ANY award, let alone for 2011 GOTY since it came out so late in the year. Most are holding it off until the 2012 awards roll around.

#5 Posted by Zips (44 posts) -

I'm still playing, but then again I've only had the game for about 2-3 weeks now. I play with people I've enjoyed playing other games with (not just MMO's either) and I find the stories to be entertaining. In fact, I wish more MMO's did full voice acting throughout and not just leave you hanging with silent NPC's after the first island (looking at you Age of Conan).

I may go for another month of the game, at least. And really, other games and services send out emails similar to the one mentioned in the article. Maybe I'm just remembering incorrectly but Blizzard sends these out sometimes, sometimes with free game time, or offers of a free new pet as part of their various celebrations throughout the year. I can get a new pet if I resubscribe for this very particular period of time? Well alright!

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@Chrjz said:

I had ReloadEvery on Firefox and I was still #136 to finish...

I did the same exact thing and ended up being #130 to finish. In the span of 10 seconds I had between refreshes, 129 people managed to grab it, haha.

#7 Edited by Zips (44 posts) -

25 days? Wow, they bumped it up from the "21 days" I heard when my account was compromised back in July/August. Oh wait, it's been 3 months now (3 days away from the 3 month mark exactly) and I'm STILL WAITING to get my MS points refunded to me.

That's all I need to have them to. That's it. Refund the fake currency that I was given as various gifts from family so that I can purchase things I want to on my own account. I already regained control of my account. I also had no credit card on my account (took that off well over a year ago). I just want a refund of MS Points and the removal of the content the person purchased from my account and records.

Three. Months.

I wrote about this roughly a month ago with other sources from Ars Technica, neoGAF, Neowin, and Shacknews:

And about two weeks ago, GTTV's Geoff Keighley gets his account compromised and within an HOUR he was contacted by the head of Xbox Live Policy Enforcement.

#8 Posted by Zips (44 posts) -

Dear God, what are they thinking with this? I could maybe understand if this was an Arcade title, but this is a full retail release?!

#9 Posted by Zips (44 posts) -

Sounds like a good idea.  An extra map is an extra map, dull or not.  I'm not going to complain.

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