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I just got done playing and beating it in one sitting. The most wholesome ubisoft game in awhile, in terms of joy of play.

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Meh. Whenever I watch GI's super replay stuff or whatever, the people on it are always being dicks to Dan. Not something I'd want to look forward to.

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Where can I buy the season pass?!

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I'm now following John Carpenter on twitter. He follows Fear 3 heheheh

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Under the Skin

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Nice. One complaint if I may. You aren't given Vinny a fair shake by including a full head of hair.

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Mustards great. I remember when I used to not like it. I do know. I have a refined palette. I like pickles now also.

I use mustard on sandwiches instead of mayo now

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I don't think awkward is the right word. I'd say he's an understandable level of reserved given the company he his conversing with. Drew is a producer and a producer knows to let the talent shine. I think Drew purposefully tries to play the accompanying role, perhaps to a detriment to himself.

I think these character examination threads are way more awkward than Drew is.

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GB pushin dat E-TREY DOPE

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Oh man the ending to last year's drive stream was the best internet content ever.