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Quiet pictured in a Metal Gear Solid 5 trailer.

Quiet is a character in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Quiet does not speak in the game but still plays a significant role in the game as an enemy and a companion.

Quiet's 3D model is based on actress Stefanie Joosten who will also be behind her facial and body language. Although Quiet does not speak she will make small sounds like “ugh” and “ah” in game.


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Initially appearing as an enemy, Quiet saves Snake (Big Boss)'s live. At the new Mother Base, Ocelot and Miller argue over knocking her out or killing her as she knows the location of Mother Base. Snake overulls both of them and has her locked up in a cell, to which Quiet complies.

Quiet is later seen as a companion character, with Snake able to give her commands on the battlefield and coordinate attacks with him.

Weapons and Abilities

While Quiet doesn't have any supernatural sniper abilities like previous legendary Metal Gear Solid snipers Sniper Wolf or The End, she makes up for it with her dematerialisation ability, traversing great distances instantly. This ability seems to stem from transforming her cell structure, allowing her to affect physical objects, such as dematerialising her wrists to remove hand cuffs.

Quiet's sniping skills are as good as Wolf and End. In one instance in the TSG 2014 playthrough in a jungle section, Snake (with no form of rocket launcher) must destroy an attacking high tech helicopter. Quiet materialises beside Snake, dematerises over to a ledge to the side of the attacking chopper. Snake proceeds to throw a grenade in the air between Quiet and the helicopter, which Quiet shoots into it, blowing it up.


Upon the unveiling of Quiet, Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions were accused of sexist game design for Quiet's perceived needlessly scantily clad appearance, unbecoming of a soldier in a war-zone.

Comments from Kojima which he would later apologise for poorly wording only furthered to anger sections of the gaming community. He claimed he wanted to design "more erotic" characters for his games that would encourage cosplayers to cosplay his characters.

Kojima would sound off on the criticism stating as of yet unknown story-line reason for Quiet's appearance.

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