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Reservoir Dogs is firstly a classic low budget crime film involving a jewelery heist gone completely wrong when there is a snitch in the crew. The beauty in the movie is that it doesn't show the heist itself, and thus leaves it to the viewer to imagine. The game, however, takes a completely different path, being an action hungry game. Fans of the film, or people who are familiar with it will wonder "how do you get an action game without much action in the movie". The developers took it upon themselves to essentially plant parts of action that were never in the movie. The game features a driving section, where the player is required to drive away from the botched heist, and a shooting section. The game has a rating system, and encourages you not to kill many people, but rather take little hostages. Each character in the game has a signature move that doesn't have much to do with their character.  The game also features K-Billy's Super Sounds of the 70s!

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