giventofly462's Resistance: Jinrui Botsuraku no Hi (PlayStation 3) review

Very Vanilla

This is one of those must-have PS3 games, still even after ~2 years. I personally would like the debate the must-haviness of Resistance. Not much about this game stands out from the crowd, in fact much of it tries its hardest to blend it. An alien invasion forces you, as a one man army pretty much, to save the world. Yeah, awesome... You're a generically named, generic looking US soldier fighting in generic war torn towns achieving goals of the I-don't-care variety. The game is, simply, too old school. I dislike the inclusion of several key features that have since become standard on first person shoothers these days, like cover or rebounding health or an interesting story that has nothing to do with aliens or Nazis. I dislike the first person view in this game as well, the way you look down scopes and throw grenades, the way he walks and acts. There must be some kind of redeeming quality, right? I suppose there are some. At times, I was engaged through some of the bigger battles of humans vs. aliens. Multiplayer might also be fun but I either 1.) Haven't been able to connect 2.) Haven't had the desire to connect. Overall, I thouroughly recomend a pass on this one.


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