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Must own PS3 game!!!

Resistance: Fall of Man is a first-person shooter set in an alternative history, in which World War 2 doesn't happen. An alien race called the Chimera has taken over most of Europe, leaving England to fight by themselves. You'll play through the game as a U.S. Army Sergeant named Nathan Hale. Resistance combines a good story with much better gun-play that will have you at the edge of your seat.

The story is interesting and has several twists and turns. That being said you'll have to shoot...a lot! The enemies' A.I. is extremely smart, and will have you constantly creating new tactics to take them out. Luckily you don't have to play the game by yourself. You can play the entire game cooperatively with a friend (Sadly not over PSN). The game plays like many other FPS, but is fill with awesome guns. Each gun is unique and has an alternative fire. Also you can carry every gun at once, so choosing between certain guns before moving on is not a problem. Thanks to smart A.I. and satisfying guns the Campaign offers high re-playability.

Next you have the multi-player experience of playing with up to 40 players, 40 freakin' players. The mayhem never stops, and the good times keeps on rolling. The multi-player is strong and have many moments that will make you say, "Oh Snap!" You can choose between being a human, or a Chimera. Humans have the ability to sprint, crouch, and see allies and enemies on the radar. While Chimera have the ability to enter Rage Mode. When in Rage Mode Chimeras can run faster, see through walls, and deal more damage, but if left for too long you'll start to overheat and eventually lose health. With that being said the system between both races is pretty balance.

All in all Resistance: Fall of Man is a must-buy, must-own game for PS3 owners.


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