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Ricardo initially appears as an archetypal "cold mercenary", focused only on the contract he has been paid to fulfill. He acts very cold towards the group and refers to them by their last names, or collectively as "brats" since he is the only adult. Ricardo has Earth-based magical attacks and usually attacks from a distance with his powerful rifle, fulfilling the "heavy" ranged attacker role to Iria's "light" ranged attacker.

He first appears to the party under contract for the enemy Garam forces, and attacks the group. After being distracted away by a fellow mercenary, he vanishes and later meets the group as they rescue Ange from her Arca prison. Though tasked to find her by a third party, he reneges on his original contract and forms a new one with Ange to be her bodyguard, joining the group.

Ricardo is the reincarnated Avatar of a Reaper (the rank of powerful Ratio agents) called Hypnos, which Asura ( Luca's former self) kills in honorable combat during the game's first cutscene and tutorial fight. Because he died before the events that transpired close to the Devalokian collapse that wiped out that civilization, he knows very little about what happened.

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