gkozma's RISK: Factions (Xbox 360 Games Store) review

Questionable dice rolls ultimatley ruined my fun

I was having a great time with RISK: Factions. I really great time, actually. Being able to play with other people on demand is fantastic for a game like risk: where getting a game started in real life is much harder. Also the ability to simulate dice rolls to quicken the game is a great feature. However, I've often found that this simulation is flawed. The fast-battle method does not allow you to stop an attack once you have started, so if you accidentally attacked the wrong territory, or if the battle does not start off well, then you cannot retreat. Also, it seems as if the system itself for simulating the dice rolls is not entirely random. I've noticed a lot of patterns that happen too frequently to be random. For instance, a territory with 3-7 people has a very rough time dispatching a territory with just 1 troop. However when you get past 10 and into the very high numbers, the territories with 1 almost never win. That, combined with a general favor for defense wins have really spoiled my fun with it. Now hey, this might be something that only I have noticed, maybe I'm just paranoid. And the game is still fun, all I'm saying is it could be more fun


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