superharman's RISK: Factions (Xbox 360 Games Store) review

I can't remember multiplayer drama like this...

I came back from four colonies. That was the power, the satisfaction of Risk: Factions for me. My friends and I all sitting around the television making deals and working out every possible scenearo only to ultimately have my red robot menace sweep the world.
I should note something I deem important. I had never played any version of Risk before, I'm not some old hat at this game. I tried the demo to see if it would be a fun game to play while listening to podcasts. Next thing I know my housemate is coming home asking me if I can take my Xbox to the lounge room just so we can have another game.
It's addictive and fun. It's tactical and clever. The factions game allows for variables in maps with things like the temple that have made a widow of many a woman I imagine.  The campaign is short but it prepares you for these variables. The animated cut scenes are great but where this game comes to life is multiplayer.
The last game my friends and I got this involved in regarding the same room couch playing was Worms. The games we have had of this have topped those. It may be just because I have won the majority of them that made it more fun, but the hours of entertainment I have gotten from this game really does mean that for the price, I have to give it my highest recommendation.


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