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An excellent game that will probably go unnoticed 0

I was interested in this game when ACE Team (makers of the weird first-person brawler Zeno Clash) first announced it but it wasn't until Ryan and Patrick did a Quick Look of it on the site that I was sold on it. Describing the game is not a simple task.  I will focus on the War game mode because I did not have enough experience with the Skee Ball mode (refer to GB Quick Look; hint: you're the ball).GameplayIn a War match (singleplayer and multiplayer), the game starts in its tower defense mode. ...

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Rock of Ages Review. 0

Rock of Ages isn't your typical tower defence game, in fact it's art style might for a second have you thinking that Monty Python's Terry Giliam had gone and made a video game, he hasn't (though I'd love to see him have a crack at one.) Rock of Ages is the most recent release from Chile based developers ACE Team, yes the folks behind the bizarre first person fighting game Zeno Clash. Their familiar cosmetic oddities are present in Rock of Ages, though to a less freaky and confusing degree.At its...

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This game ROCKS. ...ROCKS. 0

I didn't pay an ounce of attention to Rock of Ages as it started to slowly release trailers. This wasn't just my fault- it's a fairly small game, and few outlets had time to talk about it with some of the bigger franchises coming out with great sequels for the coming months. Even now that it's out, there's scarcely a dozen reviews for it, but most of them agree on one simple fact: this is a great, unique game that deserves more attention than it will ever get.  Its uniqueness makes it a bit diff...

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Sticks and Stones 0

Not so long ago, if a development studio pitched a game that was a mix of Super Monkey Ball, 19 century history, a healthy dose of pop culture parody, and some fart jokes, it would probably be shut down. The fact that Ace Team, developer of Zeno Clash, got to make that vision a reality is stunning and encouraging. Rock of Ages is an artsy, sophomorically humored ride through 1800s Europe that clearly lacks some great design choices, but certainly manages to attain some chuckles and bewilderment ...

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A great game for the price 1

Rock of Ages is a short, but extremely fun game. it costs $9.99 on Steam, which it is easily worth.The game goes through different historical periods and their respective art styles. You battle notable people who were in notable artworks of the era, an example is "Death" from the medieval era or Leonidas in the Ancient Greek Era. Rock of Ages features three singleplayer gamemodes. The first is the campaign, where you go through the ages battling people by going down a track, destroying their cas...

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Five Word Review 0

Full-length reviews present an off-putting challenge for me. I labor over word, sentence, and grammatical choices to the point of exhaustion. These five-word reviews are my solace; I hope you appreciate the brevity.CharmingHilariousChallengingClumsyUnique...

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