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Historical Value Only 0

I'll preface my review by saying that I don't usually continue playing many games I find difficult and don't get much enjoyment out of throwing myself against a game until I beat it. However, the fact remains that Saints Row is one of the most difficult games I've ever played. Or, at least, it felt that way. It's not even because of what it's asking you to do, but how it asks you to do it. The game has terrible checkpointing with very few missions even having any checkpoints mid-mission. Most of...

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The best GTA rip-off 0

Saints Row is a sand box type game, similar to Grand Theft Auto series. You start off creating your own character through character customization. You can choose the race, the facial feature sizes, etc. This customization is quite detailed but just not interesting. I didn't really care to much on how my character looked because the options didn't really change him all that much. Gameplay: Nothing wrong in this department. Its open ended world. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want. Yo...

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Is Saints Row just a grand theft auto clone? 0

Well saints row takes place in the city of stillwater you some how get the idea its in south central California. There are 4 main gangs in the city, The vice kings which is a rap/hip hop focus in there crimes,Then there is the West side Rollerz which is a bunch of white kids stealing cars and selling them, Then there is los carnalis a mexican gang which main focus is the narcotics. But you are part of the third street saints a gang which in the begining is dieing off but you quickly build upon i...

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A proper GTA alternative 0

Saints Row was announced and released within the first wave of Xbox 360 titles. With GTA 4 being far off in the distance, THQ seized the opportunity to cater to a large audience craving some open world fun on their shinny new console. Fortunately, it turned out to be a win-win scenario for both the publisher and the player.Anyone who has ever played a GTA game will be able to pick up and play Saints Row without skipping a beat. Saints Row obviously lifts it's basic structure from the beloved ser...

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Saints Row is a game that had a lot of potential... 0

Had the Grand Theft Auto games never existed it's proper to say that Saints Row could have been one of the best games released on the Xbox 360. Sadly Grand Theft Auto does exist and you can't help but see where Saints Row gets most of it's gameplay from. Sadly Saints Row is nothing but a cheap copy of Grand Theft Auto with a cut down story, annoying and repetitive activities and the same old clunky combat Grand Theft Auto suffered from in the past. If one was to not compare this game to Grand T...

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great game hopefuly saints row 2 will be better 0

 Saint's row is a great game has great muiltyplayer easy controls i use to play this game really fun the only bad part about this game is that there is no 2 player in the campain mode  lots of guns and cars great custimazation and somthing new that GTA does not bring to the table is creat r own charater  witch everyone seems to like alot there is a-lot of bugs in the game but thats what makes it fun to play, and another thing that is cool about saint's row  is that online u can creat ur own gang...

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The greatest alternative to GTA. 0

There is alot of Grand Theft Auto ripoffs but this game suceeds as a great contender to the free-roam action genre. The graphics feel dated already but it still looks great. The music has some good artists, but you would be better off listening to your own music. Controls are really great and easy to get use to, but there is no automatic aiming which for some may be a downfall. The story is pretty simple but actually pretty good, you have to help a gang take over the city. I recommend this game ...

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A great rip off version of GTA 0

Every time a Grand theft auto copy cat game comes out the fans say it’s a rip off of it. Well they are right this about saints row. In saints row you join a gang that is looking to clean the city from the other 3 gangs. The missions in the mean story are too much alike, go here and kill these gang members or pick up this. There are 3 small stories instead of one big one but they all connect at the end. What’s different in the game from the GTA games are the side missions. They took the ideas of...

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A great game if you missed it. 0

After Playing Red Faction: Guerilla I wanted to go back and try out some of Volitin's other stuff.  The world of Stillwater is very realized and "alive", to the point where I consider Red Faction to be a step back.  The game really drew me into the world and let me have a ton of fun either playing the story or just blowing shit up. The graphics are average with some weird texture effects on glass and hair. The art style is very consistent and a bit cartoony which really lends itself to the game...

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Saints Row 0

Welcome to Stillwater, a modern American city full of great food, commerce, and unrestricted gang warfare. With the 3rd Street Saints, Vice Kings and the Carnales waging a city wide turf war for supremacy, there has never been a better time to visit. The game opens up with your customized character getting caught in the crossfire of a gang war. You are saved by Julius, the leader of the 3rd Street Saints, and are recruited into his gang in an effort to clean up the streets. The first couple of m...

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Nothing Special 0

The Ho Ho Ho pack in Saints Row is a lot like the game itself - big, dumb fun. The pack is a free Christmas gift, so I decided to download it and see what it was like. After all, it's free! The pack adds some new clothing, and that's about it.There was a Santa coat, hat, trousers and boots. All in all, it's a fun pack, but also a pointless pack. If you have the room on your 360 hard drive, go for it. If not, don't waste your time trying to get it - it's not worth that. When the game was popular,...

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Innovative, but a little buggy 0

GTA on steroids was one of many nicknames the press used to describe Saints Row. And honestly, I can see where they are coming from! Saints Row managed to take the GTA formula and improve upon in with better graphics and many gameplay innovations. You start off creating your own character and you can pretty much modify every part of your character. This allows for recreation of famous people and that is exactly what happened during the first couple of weeks: On many gaming forums, people were tr...

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a good ripoff? 0

Saints Row 2 is a violent sandbox game that have sold more than 800,000 examples.This game is a huge ripoff of Grand Theft Auto,but the question is:is it a good ripoff?Well,i guess.The game was one of the most high-experienced games i have ever played.This game was great.The graphics was okay.I liked the gameplay.The story cutscenes was high definition viewing,so thats a plus.The clothing choices was awesome.It had tons of possibilities with clothing,and the characters were creatively made.Some ...

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Saints Row review 0

This is my review for the Xbox 360 game Saints Row.Now most people just believe that this is a straight up copy of the GTA games and well…It is…But is that really a bad thing, I don’t think that it is. If Rockstar haven’t released a GTA game in a while then its great that other game companies are giving it a shot at making a GTA like sandbox game. THQ are the makers of Saints Row and they have done a very good job with the control layout for the Xbox 360 and have managed to give the feeling that...

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