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Scylla is a human wicked witch and the arch-enemy of Hugo the troll. She is also featured a playable character in some games, but is not featured in the later Agent Hugo series games.

Julia Haacke as Hexana in the German TV show

She is also known as Afskylia in the Danish original version, Hexana in the German-speaking countries and the rest of Scandinavia, Maldiva in Portugal, Maldícia in Brazil, Grizzelda in Israel, Sila in Turkey and Mordana in Croatia (sometimes also as Sculla). She was created in 1991, first for the Hugo TV show, and quickly appeared in Hugo for Amiga in the same year. The last game featuring her was Hugo Penguin Battle in 2005, as the franchise was unfortunately rebooted into Agent Hugo games.

Scylla usually appears as an attractive but mean-looking woman (through sometimes she can be briefly seen in her hag form) with long black hair, red lips, green (sometimes blue) eyes and black nails. She is almost always wearing a dark-blue or black dress with a cape and high-heeled shoes.

Scylla is is obsessed with beauty and youth and even as she's actually over 230 year old, she keeps her good looks using sorcery. The witch hates all things and beings that are happy and cheerful and despises children and trolls - but most of all she hates Hugo for foiling her various evil plots. She also hates Christmas and so three times she imprisoned Santa Claus. She lives in a variety of castles and in skull-shaped caves. Her magical powers enable her to fly riding a broom, use a crystal ball to track here enemies' movements, cast harmful spells, and attack directly by shooting lightning bolts from her fingers, but she usually also uses a variety of traps. She's sometimes teasing Hugo and even directly the player ( breaking the fourth wall) and likes to laugh evilly.

In many of the games she is aided by her crocodile-man servant Don Croco and/or other minions, like the Vikings.

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