radion_null's Shatter (PlayStation Network (PS3)) review

Short game experience but worth replaying.

It’s a good game at a good price, go buy it.

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Seriously though, Shatter is what I consider the evolution of a traditional brick-breaker game. You control a ship that has a shield that works as a paddle and ammo in the form of ricochet cannon balls. You move through a variety of levels, each with multiple sub-stages and a boss fight at the end of each level. What makes this game unique are its suck and blow mechanic, electric shield, and power-up weapon. The suck and blow mechanic allows you to have greater control over you ball(s). The shield protects you from incoming fire. The special weapon (power-up) helps you demolish things faster. In combination, these mechanics make for a fun game as well as a challenging one.

The game can be completed in one sitting, however. It does offer boss battle mode and bonus mode. The game also has a leader board system that is surely to make you want to compare yourself to others and beat the next highest score.

Oh, it also has a great soundtrack that makes the game even more enjoyable to play.  Also, it is best to play in 10-20 minute chunks.
At $8, the game is worth a purchase.

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