Canon Relationship for Yu?

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I was gonna come into this thread and be like, "who the fuck is yu" but then people started saying that him being with rise is cannon! CHIE! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!!! Chie....

@Do_The_Manta_Ray said:

HIS FUCKING NAME IS "CHARLIE!". God damn it, people. Two pages and not even a mention of this. Yu suck, guys.

Also, Chie.

I wonder if these people weren't around back then. are there really giantbomb fans who aren't in love with chie. (umm, thats what this is about right?......)

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Funky Student.

I believe I heard somewhere that Yu/Naoto is popular in Japan, but it's probably nobody. If it had to be someone, either Yukiko or Rise. Personally, Naoto is my favorite

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@Devil240Z: I referenced it in the first post, in GB land it is Charlie and Chie and we all know it

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