'Megabumtopia' 100% Residential city o_O

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Whelp. o_O


1.8 million population, 100% residential zoned- with no electricity, no water, and no sewage.

Granted- he has to set taxes to 0%... But that's the only concession he really had to make it seems.


Is it irrelevant semantics? Is it further proof that Maxis has become an incompetent developer? Is it simply a hilarious zombie city? :P

It at the very least showcases just how poorly programed/thought out the new Simcity's inner workings seem to be. (Though was anything like this possible in the older Sim Citys? I don't remember it being possible at all in 4...)

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This really bums me out. Work my ass off to make a city that can not catch on fire every ten seconds and I learn all I need is to set my taxes to 0.

They need to bring out a huge patch for this and about 10 other things as well. (traffic ai I'm looking at you)

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Huh. Congrats! ~ Nice 'stache.

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@milkman said:


SEE, if you burn the gouvernement to the ground and let people live free they won't produce garbage, fires, they won't need water or health care and they will be happy forever.

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Lol, why did Maxis release this broke-ass game?

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super sims, when your only life goal is sleep and a building to do it in, we could learn a lot from these sims.

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I really dig the name though. Megabumtopia. Man, this game looks stupid and disappointing.

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Reminds me of that city in Dredd, mainly how it just ends

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I've never played a Sim City game and never wanted to. But everything I hear about this game depresses me, like I'm living in the shoes of a Sim City fan and feeling their disappointment because this game just looks so bad to me.

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why do totally optional things upset people? nobody is forcing you to take advantage of this glitch.

I've had a ton of fun playing it, and will continue to.

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I don't see why such a fringe bug that you would never encounter in normal play should upset people. It's like getting upset about a bug where Mario loses all his lives if you stand still and press the jump button 1000 times.

SimCity is a flawed game, and there are things worth talking about, but this isn't one of them.

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It's not a glitch, it's an indication of how the relationship between zones is completely broken. It's the number one complaint about the game.

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@rasmoss: How is this any indication that the relationship between zones is broken if the only way to accomplish this glitch is by setting your taxes to zero?

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So basically he just created some form of anarchistic hyper-libertarian utopia that will self-regulate over time, and in which, because there is no income for the govt, all that remains is privately owned businesses and because there's no dedicated place for businesses people will have to work from home in a DIY fashion providing services necessary to other people for free.

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@rasmoss: How is this any indication that the relationship between zones is broken if the only way to accomplish this glitch is by setting your taxes to zero?

It's a well-known fact that you can run a city entirely without commercial zones. This is just another example of how different the relationship between different factors (happiness, jobs, parks, taxes, etc.) are working in illogical ways.

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This is pretty awesome. I wonder though, did he have any neighbouring city in the region providing jobs? Or do the agents really not care.

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@chavtheworld: There are several videos floating around (like the one Rasmoss posted) where the cities are isolated, barely self-sufficient, and hit a 200k population without commercial or industrial zoning. It's nuts.

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I really dig the name though. Megabumtopia. Man, this game looks stupid and disappointing.

I have to admit, I thought this was going to be a city filled with people who have giant asses...

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I don't see this as an example how broken SimCity as much as it is a symptom of the weakness and problems in the simulation. There is a lot of counterintuitive stuff going on in SimCity where this is just another example of it.

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So you can accomplish the one thing approaching a goal in this game by just setting the taxes to 0? That's really dumb.

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Not so much a 'glitch' as a clear demonstration that the simulation going on makes no sense whatsoever.

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Is it irrelevant semantics? Is it further proof that Marxis has become a socialist developer? Is it simply a hilarious commie city? :P

This :P.

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Digging into details revealed shows it is even stupider than you could have guessed (another counterintuitive surprise!). I thought they were doing a "set the taxes to 0, last moment set it to high%, collect money, set to 0" but it turns out all you need is some seed money and set your tax to 0%. Evidently 0% makes citizens happy. So happy they don't commit crime or start fires or care they don't have jobs or parks or places to shop or functioning plumping or trash disposal...

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I just tried this and yep... I had a population of 80K in 30 minutes or so. Pretty much everyone was happy. Couple of abandoned buildings. Everyone stays at home all day. Where do they get their money from? If I put taxes to 2% everyone is still very happy, and I have a positive income.


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