Crusader of Centy

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Is Sonic really in Crusader of Centy? I saw Sonic in the list of characters, but... I'm not sure. Surely one of you Sonic fans will know whether or not he actually appeared in the game.

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I know the game as Soleil and used to play it quite a lot. Sonic does indeed make a cameo appearence. I can't remember what he says, but he's kinda laid out on a table and you can speak to him in a similar way that you can speak to the animals, but that's pretty much it.I can't find a screenshot of it though, maybe someone with a rom could find a pic of it?
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Sonic in Crusader of Centy
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Mickey said:
Sonic in Crusader of Centy
i am adding that screen to the game it's gallery
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Isn't it already there? I've seen that image many times since I first posted this question.

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LordAndrew said:
"Isn't it already there? I've seen that image many times since I first posted this question."
i checked the gallery but i didnt noticed it

perhaps it is in the general gallery and not in the screenshot gallery
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Looks like i overlooked it, im off corecting it

edit: corrected it along with the link i added in the trivia section.

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Note to anyone else who's interested in bumping my topics: If it's been two months since I've asked a question, chances are I've already found the answer or no longer care about getting an answer.
In this case it's both. I've seen the screenshot and I don't particularly care any more.

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