valandil's Soul Calibur II (Xbox) review

A basic fighting game with no huge surprises.

This game is pretty cool. You select from over 15 characters and fight throught arcade most, survival mode, or the singleplayer mode. The singleplayer mode is pretty cool. There is an adventurous story, in which you journey around the kingdom and meet new friends and enemies. You can buy new weapons with gold you get, and you level up. It has light RPG elements. The story is alright, and a nice surprise for a fighting game.

The gameplay has all the kinds of movies you want and expect from a fighting game: vertical/horizontal attack, power up, block, grab, special attack, and other actions based on your stance. Overall, the gameplay is solid, and very fun in two-player mode.

The graphics are okay. Nothing great, but they get the job done. The music sets the mood, but the announcer sometimes brings you out of the immersion when you fight enemies in the simgle-player story mode. Overall, this game is pretty cheap, and definately worth a purchase.


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