How do you feel about guest characters or artists in SCV?

#2 Posted by melcene (3214 posts) -

I'm fine with the guest artists.  I thought some of those characters were pretty interesting.  Guest characters are always cheesy though.

#3 Posted by EuanDewar (5143 posts) -

Guest characters are weird and the ones you suggested dont fulfill the main point of a guest character which is to sell the game to people who would otherwise be uninterested.

#4 Posted by The_Patriarch (288 posts) -

I don't like guest characters in any fighting game. Characters designed by guest artists, why not? As long as they're well designed of course.

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i like the guest artist creating new characters
#6 Posted by Danbo (199 posts) -

Since its Namco I think it'd be awesome if Duke from Tales of Vesperia made an appearance. He's one bad mutha.

#7 Posted by animateria (3302 posts) -

I liked the guest artists characters. I wouldn't mind seeing more of those.

Didn't care much for Vader or Yoda though.
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Some of the guest characters they've used just don't mesh with the setting and atmosphere of the game. Star Wars??? Come on. This is a martial arts brawler, don't lose sight of that Namco-Bandai.

Dun goofed.
#9 Edited by bartok (2640 posts) -

Soul Caliber has only had two really fun guest character and that was Link and Yoshimitsu.  Otherwise they have been lame like Heihachi and Spawn or cheap and out of place like the Star Wars characters.

#10 Posted by ProfessorK (845 posts) -

To be honest, the SC franchise has become known for the trend, and thats great. But last games choices were my least favorite so far. The cool thing about it from a collectors stand point is it gives me incentive to buy all versions of the game. I remember how even though I never really played the Xbox or PS2 versions, I tracked down and got all 3 versions of SC2 because all three of those characters I liked. 

That said, this time around I hope for some more iconic characters from video games, not other forms of media. If I had to pick I'd choose characters from Capcom's weapon fighters (really only because of the Tekken x Street Fighter and vice versa). Though, it'd be cool as hell to see Dante or better yet Sparda in SC. Saki's cool but I'd rather Samanosuke be in. But aside from Capcom may be a Tales of MC, like Yuri from Vesperia.  Hell, for the PS3 throw in one of the bosses from Demon's Souls, I mean, just anyone besides Kratos again, lol.

#11 Posted by ryanwho (12012 posts) -

SC just piles gimmick after gimmick ontop of itself so if guest characters, on disk content that's locked out, etc is what they want, then more power to them.

#12 Posted by WinterSnowblind (7595 posts) -

Guest characters are silly and the guest artists take focus away from the main fighters.  Almost all of the new characters in SCIV (four out of five) were collaborations from anime artists, none of them had personalities or stories and none of them will be returning in the new game, so what was the point?  Has the SC universe really become that shallow?

I also thought every single one of them was terrible.
#13 Posted by mazik765 (2331 posts) -

I love the guest characters, but as much as I loved jumping around as Yoda, the Star Wars characters were a bit too out of place for me. Spawn and Link were awesome though, so I'd love to have more like them. And Necrid is awesome.

#15 Posted by ProfessorK (845 posts) -
@bartok: don't mean to be nitpicky, but yoshi's been a staple SC character for a good while now. though, yes I know he was initially a guest.
#16 Edited by Underachiever007 (2471 posts) -

I'm don't like the concept of guest characters in any fighting game (Versus games and Smash Bros. excepted,of course). They never quite fit in.

EDIT: Although, I guess Cody and Guy are guest characters in SF, right? They're great.
#18 Posted by melcene (3214 posts) -
@Sreya said:

Also correct me if I'm wrong but don't characters created by guest artists share move sets with pre existing Soul Calibur characters.
Guest characters however have completely original move sets, right? I'd rather have a whole new character than a clone. 
While I can understand, agree with that to an extent, sometimes it works.  Using Astaroth's moves as Ashlotte, without using that ugly brute works for me.
#19 Posted by ThePhantomnaut (6260 posts) -

If the guest characters act as console-exclusive novelty, then it's a waste of time for people in the competitive perspective.

#20 Posted by Yanngc33 (4551 posts) -

I don't want another Yoda 

#21 Posted by TechHits (1483 posts) -
@ThePhantomnaut said:
If the guest characters act as console-exclusive novelty, then it's a waste of time for people in the competitive perspective.
SC has never really had a competitve scene, and now with the fighting game market having exploded, I would doubt if this game will be the one to get that kind of attention.
#22 Posted by Shadowx (30 posts) -

Guest Characters  yes. Guest artist maybe? As long as there new Characters have unique movesets, I don't really like clones. I personally would love to see somebody from Fire Emblem, (mainly Ike, Lyn, Roy, or Hector( I chose out of the leaders, since if it were somebody from Fire Emblem it would most likely be them))If it were to come to the new Nintendo system. But somebody from Capcom does seem likely since they are already working on The SFXT and TXSF together, and they have done Namco X Capcom before.

#24 Posted by Shadowx (30 posts) -

Well it has been confirmed before that there will be guest characters. I think Bayonetta would be an ok choise for Ps3 or Xbox30(which system is it on again). But i would prefer somebody else I guess. But it wouldnt matter to me is she is the guess character for thosse systems if it does come out on Project cafe/Wii HD/ Stream.
#25 Posted by JJOR64 (19542 posts) -

No please, but it will will happen again.   :(

#26 Posted by Shaymarx (131 posts) -

Thank you for reminding me of Necrid.  I miss him.

#27 Posted by zityz (2366 posts) -

The ONLY guest character that would be amazing for this game would be Haohmaru from Samurai Showdown.

Tell me that wouldn't be amazing?
#28 Posted by Aus_azn (2272 posts) -

Kamikirimusi was up there in my favourites from SC4 as a nicer Nightmare skin. I approve.

However, tie-ins from other franchises... NO.

#29 Posted by Lonely_Ogre (107 posts) -

I think it's fun having guest characters. Even if it is "cheesy" to have Yoda and Vader in the game, it made it fun. Besides, the whole Soul Calibur story is a little cheesy...(but I love it) I'm one of the few who looks forward to guest characters I guess.

#30 Posted by Spoonybard37 (309 posts) -
 @ThePhantomnaut said:
If the guest characters act as console-exclusive novelty, then it's a waste of time for people in the competitive perspective.
This ^
#31 Posted by DekuSword (38 posts) -
@weeman105 said:
Some of the guest characters they've used just don't mesh with the setting and atmosphere of the game. Star Wars??? Come on. This is a martial arts brawler, don't lose sight of that Capcom.

Almost died of laughter :P
#32 Posted by LiquidPrince (16475 posts) -

Kratos was in Soul Calibur? Oh the PSP game... right.

#33 Edited by DMC (12 posts) -

I have no problem with guest characters as long as they (more or less) fit the time period. I didn't mind it in SC2 (though I really only played the GC version) but it was one of the many reasons I HATED Soul Calibur IV.
Who should make it this time around? Hmmm haven't thought about it much for other systems other than nintendo but these would be my pics. 

 Nariko :PS3
  Her blade functions in 3 ways. Nuff said
One of these 3 for the XBox 360
 Myifee : since he has a unique weapon
 Epharr : cause of her sword and she's hot ^_^
 Inphyy : eh why not


Link vs Ganondorf? SOLD!!
Ganondorf  : WiiU

Link : as a DLC
#34 Posted by DMC (12 posts) -
@Sreya said:
I just watched this episode of Invisible Walls where they talk about SCV at about the five minute mark.
One member of the show says that there will be a guest character, which is odd because I thought Namco didn't confirm or deny that.
He goes on to say that theres a rumor the guest character will be Bayonetta.

Personally I hope this is just a rumor, but what do you guys think?
Dear God NO
#35 Posted by Deusoma (3190 posts) -

If we're naming guest characters, then how about Alice Liddell of American McGee's Alice/ Alice: Madness Returns fame?
Distinctive outfit (with alternate costumes a-plenty provided by the new sequel), sharp melee weapon, experience with murdering fools... You have to admit, she fits in a hell of a lot better than Yoda and Starkiller ever did. Plus, she has a very small chest, so they can't ruin her image with a ridiculous amount of bounce. Maybe she and Tira could hang out and talk about being crazy over some nice tea.


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