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Spyro 3 is just genius. 4

  Everyone says there are no new ideas anymore, and in video games this adage holds especially true. Aside from the genre-defining likes of PaRappa the Rapper or Seaman, standard video game fare consists of concepts we've seen over and over through the years. New games are almost always a simple derivative of an established theme; how many different ways can anyone really remake Super Mario Brothers? Moreover, financially proven games regularly become serialized the following year. Spyr...

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The PlayStation Spryo trilogy draws to a close on a high note 0

One of the greatest challenges in making a sequel lies in keeping things fresh while still retaining the base qualities of previous entries. Oftentimes the answer to this little quandary is to add a couple of new characters and toss in some more minigames. You know -- to add variety, spice things up a bit. Spryro: Year of the Dragon follows this logic line to a T. In an attempt to mix up the already fantastic formula of the second game, Year of the Dragon adds in a few new playable charac...

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More of the same, thankfully the same isn't so bad 0

Positive: + gameplay is still solid+ controls are still excellent+ tons of eggs to collect+ speedway levels are great fun+ extra characters are a smart additionNegative: - wait… haven't I seen some of those positives before?- some graphical issues are less forgivable the second time around- the levels get a little boring after the first areaSpyro the Dragon was one of the defining characters of his genre back in the day. He had three great games: a great start, an even stronger sequel, and now t...

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The third game in the Spyro series doesn't disappoint. 0

Spyro is one of those game characters that everyone in the gaming world will know about, even if they have never played the game. Although he isn't as famous as a certain "it's-a-me" plumber character, he is still recognised as being a gaming legend.Spryo: Year of the Dragon is the third in the Spyro series and it doesn't disappoint at all. There is nothing particularly unfamiliar here - Spyro is followed by his dragonfly buddy Sparx, Spyro collects gems and eggs, Spyro breathes fire, runs, glid...

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