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R.I.P., U.S.S. Party Bus.


HEY! Open beta's over. This information is old and out-of-date.

The U.S.S. Party Bus perished, and won't be around for the post-beta activities. If you're reading this in the future, when Star Trek Online is alive and kicking, you should look for a more current player thread if you want to find people to play with. Better yet, look for a Space Neon Lobster fleet, which should be full of Giant Bomb duders! They might even save your life.


The Honorable List of Captains Who Served in the Beta Open Betaland Quadrant, Sorted by @Global Name:

  • Larry@ace2020boyd -- piloting the USS Syracuse
  • LeChuck@AcridMeat -- piloting the USS Disco Ball
  • Pvt. Prolapse@adamfedoruk 
  • Siata@Adja -- piloting the USS Excalibur from the UK
  • Barret@AleksO2 -- piloting the USS Norwegian
  • Nogara@Annai
  • Beta Carotenum@armis -- piloting the USS Trepanation
  • Axel@Axxxel -- piloting the USS Legend
  • Beers@beersofwar -- flying irregularly in the USS Budweiser
  • Tanis@Beomoose -- piloting the USS Erebus
  • Bitter@BitterScotsman -- piloting the USS Hellbound
  • Richter@BladeBurial -- piloting the USS Phoenix
  • Judith@bobpie24
  • Nyquo@Brontosaurus -- piloting the USS Brontosaurus
  • Ujireb@Buckling -- piloting the USS Durango
  • John Smith@Caaras -- piloting the USS Darkstar
  • Cap@Capcum15 -- piloting the USS Kittyhawk
  • Nikolai Maelstromme@captainwow
  • Vebent@ch13696
  • sill@chaoticfox -- piloting the dandy and pointy USS McLove'n
  • Constantine@CitizenKane -- piloting the USS Alysium
  • Ironduke@civvie
  • @Crippler_HD -- piloting the USS CriPPleR
  • mogh@CroMogh -- piloting the USS Croatia from 6 p.m. - 2 a.m. GMT+1
  • Satonaka@Cubeforce -- piloting the USS Steakforce
  • Atticus@DauntlessFinch
  • Dragoojin@Draagoo -- piloting the USS Enigma 
  • Dr. Feelgood@DrFeelgood38 -- piloting the USS Armageddon
  • Melt@Dylabaloo -- piloting the USS Dude E
  • deta@evilkaz -- piloting the USS Illia Volyova from the UK (and needs UK friends!)
  • Gordan H Freeman@Evilsbane -- has no idea what the 'H' stands for
  • Sa Ha Rha@fara0 -- piloting the USS Ruffrider at night GMT+1
  • Keyes@FishFaceMcGee -- piloting the USS Forward Unto Daw(n)
  • Tameth@Flashduck -- piloting the USS Thanatos
  • Layton@FlipperDesert -- piloting the reliable USS Unreliable from the UK
  • Nitocris@fox01313 -- piloting the USS Miskatonic 
  • K'Vala@fox01313 
  • Ted@Gamezhunter
  • Dhivael@gigabz666 -- piloting the patriotic USS LaLiLuLeLo
  • Willy@Gnubberen -- piloting the USS Tractor in GMT+1 land
  • Cambrian@GoombahMike -- piloting the USS Sobchak
  • Otakon@Gosukiller
  • Ronin@Groovy_Gamer -- Good. Bad. He's the guy with the USS Evil Dead.
  • Hero_Swe@Hero_Swe -- piloting the USS Aquitaine from 1-11 p.m. GMT+1
  • Fatman@Heti -- piloting the USS Anomalous
  • Scud@HildyB -- piloting the USS HeartBreaker
  • Grog@HorsemanVI
  • Elana@IAmOscarMike -- currently oscar mike on the USS Oscar Mike. Oscar mike.
  • Jamsque@Jamsque -- piloting the USS Edinburgh
  • JayMar@JayMarshall -- piloting the USS Perry
  • Tenar@Jedted 
  • Giant Bomb-A-Zon@JJWeatherman -- piloting the USS Duder 2.0
  • drago@kimballnater
  • marz@lord_revan -- piloting the USS Ebon Hawk
  • DumiDami@m1k3ines -- piloting the USS NoPantsu
  • Macros@Macros
  • Reginald@marbleCmoney
  • Mattrick@Mattalorian -- piloting the USS Paragon
  • riana@maxxlovins -- piloting the USS Ginkei
  • Podex Sheath McBeardy@Kamikaze_Tutor -- piloting the nimble USS Vrooooooooooooom
  • Fimoreth@MadeinFinland -- piloting the USS Homicide
  • Macgregor@Mikemcn -- piloting the USS Space Fish
  • Klornax@MrKlorox -- piloting the USS Ravenous
  • SpaceBub@MrJared -- piloting the mysterious USS Tornado Claw
  • Kron@MrSquish -- recently blown up by Gorn while piloting the USS Slither
  • Quarky McGuinan@PsEG -- piloting the USS Party Bus late nights EST
  • ROTHA@msdss
  • Cabrika@mubress -- piloting the USS Grand
  • Gringo@Nodtveit -- piloting the USS Barnstormer
  • Robbin@NonLinearPJ -- piloting the USS Lancer
  • Noodles@NoodlesInSoup -- scaring small children aboard the USS Village People, young man.
  • Zak@ohwiseone -- piltinog the USS Pheniox
  • Para'gon@paragon8 -- piloting the USS Edison
  • Oren@PureRok -- piloting the USS Thor
  • Raiev@Raiev -- piloting the USS Strife in GMT+1 land 
  • Quusyi@Raishiro -- piloting the USS Kamakura  
  • Lorrian@rateoforange -- piloting the USS Private Idaho
  • Rehehelly@Rehehelly -- piloting the USS Kronenbourg
  • Herschel@Remade 
  • D'Veetu@RipTheVeins -- piloting the USS Pecan Sandy
  • Ramolah@Robith -- a tactical officer piloting the (back in style in the future) USS Sidetalkin
  • Zachery@RumourR -- piloting the USS Caduceus
  • Kelraw@Scroll2020
  • Side O'Fried@sideofbeef -- piloting the delicious USS Chips
  • Doctor Spaceman@Shaner394 -- piloting the USS Man-Dog
  • Scott Bakula@shawnyofthedead -- putting things right that once went wrong in the USS Quantum Leap
  • Shinri@Shinri 
  • LiquidSteele@steelepunk -- piloting the USS Pilsner
  • Super Pope@superpope -- waving in a plexiglass container inside the USS Popemobile
  • Sweep@Sweepchompschamps -- piloting the USS PewPew in GMT land
  • He-Man@thebatmobile -- piloting the USS Square-Wheels
  • Lilith@TheDarwinian
  • Cooper@tidus9000 -- piloting the USS Kratos
  • Bubbles@trlbaron -- scampering about the USS Spaceballs
  • Turboether@turboether -- piloting the USS Facepalm
  • Luthian@Turtlebar -- piloting the USS Ardgalen
  • Medea@Tygarth -- piloting the USS Agamemnon
  • Creza@Typhoonrat -- playing in GMT land
  • Vager@Vager
  • vidplayer@vidplayer -- definitely piloting the USS Infinity
  • Ayr@warxsnake -- piloting the USS Talon
  • William@Willy105 -- piloting the USS Diddy Kong
  • Isria@ziggyone -- piloting the USS Zulia
  • Kringle@zombienutz -- piloting the USS Red Sleigh 1

The Redundant Table of Captains who Still Served in Open Beta, Sorted by Posting Order:

Character Name
@Global Name
Ship Name
Time Played
 Quarky McGuinan
 PsEG USS Party Bus
 10 p.m. - 3 a.m. EST
 Atticus DauntlessFinch  
 Pvt. Prolapse
 Oren PureRok USS Thor
 Vager Vager  
 Hero_Swe Hero_Swe USS Aquitaine
 1 p.m. - 11 p.m. GMT+1
 Grog HorsemanVI  
 vidplayer vidplayer USS Infinity
 Tenar Jedted  
 Raiev Raiev  GMT+1
 Shinri Shinri  
 Nitocris fox01313 USS Miskatonic
 K'Vala fox01313  
 Rehehelly Rehehelly USS Kronenbourg
 Giant Bomb-A-Zon
 USS Duder 2.0
 Vebent ch13696  
 Ayr warxsnake USS Talon
 Quusyi Raishiro USS Kamakura
 Dragoojin Draagoo USS Enigma
 Ramolah Robith USS Sidetalkin
 Kringle zombienutz USS Red Sleigh 1
 Gordan H Freeman
 Herschel Remade  
 Satonaka Cubeforce USS Steakforce
 Beta Carotenum
 armis USS Trepanation
 Nogara Annai  
 Ted Gamezhunter  
 SpaceBub MrJared USS Tornado Claw
 Klornax MrKlorox USS Ravenous

 Keyes FishFaceMcGee USS Forward Unto Daw
 Otakon Gosukiller  
 Side O'Fries
 sideofbeef USS Chips
 Fatman Heti USS Anomalous
 Melt Dylabaloo USS Dude E
 Podex Sheath McBeardy  Kamikaze_Tutor USS Vrooooooooooooom
 Robbin NonLinearPJ USS Lancer
 Nyquo Brontosaurus USS Brontosaurus
 He-Man thebatmobile USS Square-Wheels
 John Smith
 Caaras USS Darkstar
 deta evilkaz USS Illia Volyova
 UK time
 Sa Ha Rha
 fara0 USS Ruffrider
 Nights at GMT+1
 Zak ohwiseone
 USS Pheniox
 Dr. Feelgood
 USS Armageddon
 Lorrian rateoforange
 USS Private Idaho
 USS Ardgalen
 Kron MrSquish
 USS Slither
 Tanis Beomoose USS Erebus
 DumiDami m1k3ines USS NoPantsu
 Turboether turboether USS Facepalm
 marz lord_revan USS Ebon Hawk
 Bubbles trlbaron USS Spaceballs
 Isria ziggyone USS Zulia
 Noodles NoodlesInSoup USS Village People
 mogh CroMogh
 USS Croatia
 6 p.m. - 2 a.m. GMT+1
 dralo kimballnater
 Barret AleksO2 USS Norwegian
 Elana IAmOscarMike USS Oscar Mike
 Constantine  CitizenKane USS Alysium
 reana maxxlovins
 USS Ginkei
 Mattrick Mattalorian USS Paragon
 Layton FlipperDesert
 USS Unreliable
 UK time
 Siata Adja USS Excalibur
 UK time
 Cooper tidus9000
 USS Kratos
 Tameth Flashduck USS Thanatos
 Ironduke civvie  
 Medea Tygarth USS Agamemnon
 Axel Axxxel USS Legend
 Scott Bakula
 USS Quantum Leap
 Cap Capcum15 USS Kittyhawk
 Gringo Nodtveit USS Barnstormer
 Doctor Spaceman
 Shaner394 USS Man-Dog
 Jamsque Jamsque USS Edinburgh
 Judith bobpie24
 Larry ace2020boyd USS Syracuse
 Creza Typhoonrat
 Ujireb Buckling USS Durango
 Macgregor Mikemcn
 USS Space Fish
 Zachery RumourR USS Caduceus
 Willy Gnubberen USS Tractor
 Sweep Sweepchompschamps USS PewPew
 Para'gon paragon8 USS Edison
 D'Veetu RipTheVeins USS Pecan Sandy
 LiquidSteele steelepunk USS Pilsner
 William Willy105 USS Diddy Kong
 ROTHA msdss  
 Super Pope
 USS Popemobile
 Scud HildyB USS HeartBreaker
 Macros Macros  
 Cabrika mubress USS Grand
  Crippler_HD USS CriPPleR
 Richter BladeBurial USS Phoenix
 JayMar JayMarshall USS Perry
 Beers beersofwar USS Budweiser
 Cambrian GoombahMike USS Sobchak
 Dhivael gigabz666 USS LaLiLuLeLo
 Nikolai Maelstromme
 Kelraw Scroll2020  
 Bitter BitterScotsman USS Hellbound
 Reginald marbleCmoney  
 Fimoreth MadeinFinland USS Homicide
 Ronin Groovy_Gamer USS Evil Dead
 Lilith TheDarwinian  
 LeChuck AcridMeat USS Disco Ball
 Dellingr  ISK Ragnarok
 sill chaoticfox USS McLove'n
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#3 Posted by adamfedoruk (223 posts) -

Pvt. Prolapse@adamfedoruk 

#4 Posted by Khemitude (222 posts) -

As soon as my Client finishes downloading I'll be sure to post my Name!

#5 Posted by 71Ranchero (2889 posts) -
@Khemitude said:
" As soon as my Client finishes downloading I'll be sure to post my Name! "
#6 Posted by PureRok (4236 posts) -
@Atramentous said:
" @Khemitude said:
" As soon as my Client finishes downloading I'll be sure to post my Name! "
Same. "
#7 Posted by CitizenKane (10508 posts) -

I'm still waiting in the "public line" to download the beta on FilePlanet.  ~__~

#8 Edited by Khemitude (222 posts) -

Yeah i was told 40 minutes on FilePlanet, and when it reached zero it added another 40 minutes. So i Just went with some german site although i've only been getting Half my speed from them, though i can't see FilePlanet being much faster with all the people downloading.

#9 Edited by PureRok (4236 posts) -
@CitizenKane said:

" I'm still waiting in the "public line" to download the beta on FilePlanet.  ~__~ "

You do know there are about 12 other places to download from, most of which have no lines, right?
Just look at this list:
#10 Posted by CitizenKane (10508 posts) -
@PureRok: Yes, but by the time I finished creating an account so I can download it from there will be the same time the download becomes available for me on FliePlanet.
#11 Posted by Khemitude (222 posts) -

3 Minutes left for me...Argh! hurry up!

#12 Posted by CitizenKane (10508 posts) -

I finally have it downloading.  2+ hours.  ~__~

#13 Posted by PureRok (4236 posts) -

Mine is Oren@PureRok

#14 Posted by Vager (1654 posts) -

Vager @ Vager 
I think I did something slightly stupid while they were recording part 2. 
Basically invited them to a group then left thinking I just accidentally invited some random person. 
I'm awesome.
#15 Posted by Hero_Swe (1218 posts) -

Hero_Swe @ Hero_Swe, Lucky you Vager. I was trying to find them in the game but the game refused to find them for me.
#16 Posted by Hero_Swe (1218 posts) -
Speaking of and Sorry for doubleposting but did they stop filming just now or are they still in?
#17 Posted by CL60 (16906 posts) -

I gotta find a key first.

#18 Posted by Vager (1654 posts) -

This happened hours ago. 
I believe they logged out at the beginning of the mission where you have to beam down to the transport ship to stop those gases from leaking any further.
#19 Posted by TheSixthHorseman (96 posts) -


#20 Edited by Chaser324 (6801 posts) -

I've got my key, but I can't start playing until Monday. I'll post my username then.

#21 Posted by Turambar (6925 posts) -

Another 4 hours before the client finishes downloading.

#23 Edited by Jedted (2445 posts) -

Got my key and the client is fully downloaded.  I'll post my name after the servers come back up. 
#24 Posted by Brendan (8293 posts) -

Only 7 or 8 hours to go XP 
I'll post my super midget I'm gonna make as soon as I can. 
By the way, we should post our choices for what class were making so we can try to be a balanced, well oiled team. 
#25 Posted by Demyx (3237 posts) -

vidplayer@vidplayer i guess. or at least it will be, still have to install it.

#26 Posted by Hero_Swe (1218 posts) -

Oh, btw. I'm in Europe so I play from maybe 1 PM GMT +1 to 11 PM GMT +1

#27 Posted by Jedted (2445 posts) -


#28 Posted by NoXious (1355 posts) -

Noxious@Raiev, GMT+1 here.

#29 Posted by Shinri (534 posts) -


#30 Edited by fox01313 (5089 posts) -

 Liking what I see so far of this MMO & glad that this beta will be like Champions so the full game isn't far away. 
Nitocris@fox01313  (piloting the USS Miskatonic)
K'vala@fox01313 (might not see this one, more of an experiment to make Klingon-human hybrid)    

#31 Posted by Rehehelly (414 posts) -

USS KRONENBOURG! Yeah, the alcohol ship. 
Might not see much of me online, ATI card so the game is all flickery. Hope they get a fix up ASAP.

#32 Posted by JJWeatherman (14575 posts) -

 Giant Bomb-A-Zon@JJWeatherman -- piloting the USS Duder 2.0
I need to find some of you guys!   :P

#33 Posted by ch13696 (4582 posts) -

I just got the beta key and I'm downloading the client. I know my character's name is gonna be Vebent. But my cryptic ID is ch13696.

#34 Posted by Demyx (3237 posts) -

yeah, its vidplayer@vidplayer. Finally got into it. Piloting the USS Infinity

#35 Posted by warxsnake (2650 posts) -

Ayr@warxsnake USS Talon 
Ayr Khara Djej is my characters name, in arabic thats Penis Chicken Shit.  

#36 Posted by Shirogane (3583 posts) -
#37 Edited by Visari (25 posts) -

Dragoojin@Draagoo um proud owner of the U.S.S Enigma

#38 Posted by Robitt (351 posts) -

Tactical officer reporting in! 
Ramolah@Robith - manning the U.S.S Sidetalkin

#39 Posted by BeautifulSpaceCowboy (608 posts) -

My character's name is Kringle@zombienutz in the USS Red Sleigh 1.  Feel free to hit me up.

#40 Posted by Hero_Swe (1218 posts) -

Oh, I forgot to mention. I'm captaining the U.S.S Aquitaine 
#41 Posted by PureRok (4236 posts) -

I'm the captain of the U.S.S. Thor.

#42 Posted by Evilsbane (4827 posts) -

Evilsbane is my username. Characters name is Gordan H Freeman, no I have no idea what the H stands for.

#43 Posted by Myrmidon (547 posts) -

Only 6 1/2 hours to go guiz.

#44 Posted by MAST (742 posts) -

... I think? Can't remember my characters name, cuz I just hit random a bunch of times. But the second part is definitely @Remade

#45 Posted by neon321 (47 posts) -

Satonaka @ Cubeforce
Piloting the USS Steakhouse

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All right, I've resorted the growing list in order of global names to try and bring some order to its contents. I'll probably update it with another overwhelming way to display the info soon.  ( EDIT: Such as a redundant table! Look at that!)
Hopefully some of you are finding each other! I know I've accepted a few friend requests, and had a brief conversation with JJWeatherman as I was under attack in space (sorry if I sounded short or dismissive -- just was trying to talk quickly to avoid death!). Don't be afraid to friend others if you're sick of solo'ing. I've found teams of two are the most fun, but three or four is its own satisfying challenge. That is, if you don't get ambushed at a respawn point by a large group of Klingons. Haven't gotten a full team yet, but it's probably painful, which means you should try it at least once.

#47 Posted by CL60 (16906 posts) -
#48 Posted by jakonovski (216 posts) -
#49 Posted by Annai (19 posts) -

Been visiting the site for a while, but just registered. Having some fun with the STO beta, but was looking to maybe hook up with some folks here. Seems I've hit a bit of a wall with non-solo-able content. I *think* my Captain's name is Nogara, so it should be:
Nogara@Annai game. If there's a fleet/guild for GB folks, that'll be cool. Who should be contacted to join that?

#50 Posted by Gamez_hunter99 (80 posts) -

Mine is Ted@Gamezhunter

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