grady's Star Wars: Battlefront II (PlayStation 2) review

Battlefront II review

This game is insane. It is very addicting and fun on multilayer. Here are my thoughts on Battlefront 2:

Game play: The game play was excellent. It was a thrill to play and a fun experience. It mostly follows the same schedule, spawning with a specific class (sharpshooter, heavy, regular, etc.) and taking command posts while fighting back your enemies. It seems like it would be redundant but it is incredibly fun. With multiple maps and some different modes, it hardly ever gets boring. The single player is deep and can keep you playing for hours as you strive to finish it, but I do not know if it is me or if it is the game but I cannot go back and replay levels once I beat it. A new concept is space battles. These fights are bursting with choices as you can fight off tie-fighters, attack the capitol ship, or even stay behind in your bunker and kill your own men (which I highly recommend). There is also playing as a hero. It is fun as a jedi but often leaves you button mashing the attack button and missing your target. That leaves me more than often wanting to play as bobba fett because of his sweet weapons.

Visuals: The visuals are quite good. The grass is realistic, the trees look like trees, the water goes like there is a breeze. In Kashyyyk, when you run through the water, fish occasionally float up to the top and flow with the water. One thing that would have been sweet would be that the dead bodies stayed like in halo. But then again, 300 bodies strewn about the landscape, not so much a good idea. With most of the visuals being war torn cities, the destruction looks quite good.
VISUALS: 9.5/10

Sounds: The sounds are sweet. The music consists of the orchestras symphonies from the movies and is quite delightful, especially when you get to listen to the ewoks song! They also have to sound of war, such as guns being fired, people screaming as they are shot down, explosions from grenades, and commands fired from commanders. It overall has a great feel of war.
SOUNDS: 10/10

Replay Value: with multiplayer and online play, Battlefront will keep you coming back for more. Even if you don't have friends or online, you can still set up instant matches for just you to play at your disposal. It definitly is a great game for "replay sharks"

Camera: The camera angle of third-person is easier to use than first-person in my opinion. It is easier to see your surroundings and can own even more noobs than before. You can also switch to a "turret" camera angle where the camera is on your shoulder. It is a good sight but the bullets often have a sense of missing more.
CAMERA: 9/10

Multiplayer: The multiplayer (as stated above in replay value) is very fun. The co-op mode in Campaign is a good way to team up with your friend if you get bored of setting up your own matches. It also makes hard levels easier if you have a trustworthy friend, but untrustworthy and you will most likely end up with a bullet in your back (i.e. vatterott)

With all of that said, Battlefront is a great game with some minor flaws. So if you like Star wars and good shooting games, you can't go wrong with Battlefront 2.

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