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One Hit Wonder 0

Star Wars Republic Commando was one of my favorite games at last year's E3.  Thankfully, the game has developed nicely in the last nine months.  Republic Commando doesn't necessarily offer much in terms of innovation as it borrows heavily from other games, but thankfully they chose some of the best games of this generation to borrow from.  The HUD has the in-the-helmet view like Metroid.  The gameplay feels much like Halo.  And you are the leader of Delta squad, a four man team of clone sol...

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One of a Kind 1

(I review using a slightly different method. Score is based on fun-factor and not quality of a game)This is a golden oldie. OK, not quite. It's about four years old and Star Wars: Republic Commando is easily one of my favorite games. I used to play it frequently, but I sold it and didn't feel much regret because I picked up an Xbox 360 later. Well, I just bought Star Wars: Best of PC, which includes five Star Wars games, and got a walk down memory lane.Star Wars Republic Commando is a squad-base...

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I'm late to the party, but still, it was a pretty cool party. 0

As the title indicates, I've completed my first play through of Republic Commando much later than the majority of people. It seems to have slipped from the hearts and the minds of it's many fans but that didn't stop me digging my copy out of the boxes in my garage and popping the disc.  I'll be honest with you, that was the best decision I have made in a long while. Republic Commando offers a darker Star Wars experience that seems to defer from the typical "check me out I'm a wizard with a sword...

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Ambitious 0

Games based on movies rarely hit the mark. Developers are rushed to meet strict movie release deadlines, and on top of that it's difficult to translate a two-hour movie into a longer interactive adventure. By basing Republic Commando on the entire Star Wars prequel trilogy, Lucas Arts had the freedom of adhering to no movie in particular, and created an experience that's enjoyable regardless of your knowledge of the films. The result is a relentlessly entertaining shooter based in the Star Wars ...

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A fantastic game hobbled by the timeframe it exists in. 0

 This is my third time through the entire game. I've owned it since release but just recently bought it on Steam for the convenience of being able to install and play it on a whim. Here's my bottom line opinion on Republic Commando; it's the second-best Star Wars first-person shooter. Just below Dark Forces. It has the unfortunate distinction of being the best game to come out of the prequel trilogy, and doesn't escape the taint of the prequel's legacy. I may even like the ideas behind Republic ...

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1 Part Halo + 1 Part Rainbow 6 + 1 Part George Lucas = Goodness 0

Star Wars: Republic Commando is one of those games that may actually surprise you. As of this moment it's the first and only attempt at an FPS set in the new Star Wars universe since the Dark Forces series. It's a super solid shooter with a dash of squad tactics mixed in, and once you've played it for awhile you'll be wondering why Lucasarts hasn't made a sequel by now. The game is set just before the events of Episode II as you play the commander of an elite clone unit. A unit used for stealth...

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Great game with some major flaws 1

This game is a really fun game... at the begging. You play as a " Republic Commando " a clone trouper comparable to the halo series master chief. They are in a squad of about four " Super Soldiers " created solely for  war. In fact this game has a lot in common with halo, buckets of blood [blue blood splashes all over your screen even though its teen rated], sometimes confusing single player, Great Graphics  etc. But the one major flaw is the multiplayer SUCKS!!!  its not very much fun not addic...

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Star Wars Republic Commando Review - Halo Empire 0

Star Wars is a great franchise . wamprats getting bulseyed , jedi squaring off and now we have this . The greatest Star wars shooter ever . Many Games in the past have tried to do this such as the jedi knight series and rebel strike but commando stands out .You play as Boss . The leader of a kickass group of commando troopers sent by the republics clone army to do their very gory dirty work . An when i say gore most think it's STAR WARS THERE IS NO WAY IT'S GORY! . Boy are they wrong the game sp...

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From a lazy star wars ripoff, to a really enjoyable game. 1

When i first played this game, it was only for 15 minutes, before i felt like i had had enough. The bubbly character models and restricted controls, reminded me all too much that this was a console port. But when i bought the best of star wars bundle i decided to give it another try - and i was not disappointed. Sure the graphics and the controls still wasn't up the the PC standard, but after the fist few levels i no longer focused on that. To sum it all up, the mix of the simple squad mechani...

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going commando 0

Star wars has had first person. Its had lightsabers. Its had massive epic battles. Now it is going into uncharted waters with squad based play. Lucas arts is just pwning newbs left and right. This game is another ground breaker for the universe created by George Lucas. The squad, even though clones, are quite different. You got your demolitions, sniper, computer guy, and leader. Although you and everyone can do every single job. Graphics are stunning, especially with how your visor shows oil or ...

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