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#51 Posted by mylifeforAiur (3475 posts) -

After my previous experience with Project Zomboid, I'd be more than pleased to see the game available on Steam.

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@mosdl said:

@BeachThunder said:

Naturally, there's also a bunch of hot garbage; I'd really love to see a Quick Look featuring a random selection of these games (similar to the XBLIG Quick Look)

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Is this real life?

Is this a fantasy?

This will be a interesting experiment for sure.

Is this a Wii U launch title?

#54 Posted by Sweep (9708 posts) -

Project Zomboid is worthy of your attention and money. I wrote a blog about it a while ago which you can read over here, but I might as well paste in a little snippet just to give you an idea:

During one playthough I was spotted through the window by a stranger with a shotgun. He ordered me to open the door or he would open fire. I told him to leave us alone, but he just laughed. When I ducked out of sight he yelled "I'm going to kill you, motherfucker!" before blundering off into the darkness. I never saw him again, though I could hear shotgun blasts echoing off the nearby buildings.
Another time I had ventured further out into town, turned a corner into a horde of zombies, and was forced to retreat and barricade myself into a hardware store. This was loaded with hammers, nails, saws and other practical tools, though lacked the one thing I really needed, which was food. I huddled against the far wall, baseball bat raised, watching the health of the door gradually drop as the zombies on the other side slowly battered it down.
There was another time when I drank a bottle of whiskey, passed out, only to wake up and find the building completely full of zombies - another when I got lost in the woods, surrounded by the ghouls, and collapsed from exhaustion. I have been playing in small doses, each game rarely lasting more than about 20 minutes, but I'm finding each adventure desperately unique and dynamic.
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My only real discernible strategy so far has been to vote down everything that involves a zombie apocalypse.

"A zombie apocalypse game using the Source engine!"

Because we didn't have one of those apparently.

#56 Posted by BeachThunder (13173 posts) -

@rebgav said:

Afterfall: inSanity, Silent Storm, La-Mulana, and especially Signal Ops should all be on Steam. Signal Ops should just be available anywhere, I want that game immediately - no excuses.

I'd definitely pick up Afterfall if it appears on Steam. I liked the demo - it wasn't amazing, but it was definitely enjoyable.

Also, I'd recommend:

  • Unepic - A pretty good, RPG/metroidvania (well, ok, it was good, at least, up until I got up to a boss that causes you to drop your items) =/
  • Escape Goat - a pretty fun little puzzle-platformer. Also, a bonus 'masocore' mission at the end of the game, which really becomes crazy hard.
  • Jetpack 2 - I played the shit out of the original one (mostly making heaps of levels in the editor).
  • Receiver- Basically, a rogue-like FPS. At the moment, I don't think the game has much content, but they're allegedly continuing to work on it.
  • Dream- A really pretty/surreal looking Dear Esthery kind of game. I believe there are actual puzzle elements though, not just exploration.
  • Underrail - An isometric RPG that seems heavily inspired by the original two Fallouts :o
  • The Real Texas - Going by the Quick Look, this game seems banananananas.
#57 Posted by LordAndrew (14588 posts) -
#58 Posted by bobafettjm (1713 posts) -

I think the game I am most excited to see is Project Giana, that game looks like so much fun.

#59 Posted by BeachThunder (13173 posts) -
#60 Posted by ShadowConqueror (3302 posts) -

Miasmata is the only game I've voted for so far. It looks promising.

#61 Posted by EVO (4028 posts) -

Glad Routine got greenlit.

#62 Posted by Forcen (2127 posts) -
#63 Posted by valrog (3741 posts) -

Browsing through your Greenlight queue now that some games have been greenlit is a real pain in the ass. It won't let you proceed once you come across that game.

#64 Posted by LordAndrew (14588 posts) -

@valrog: Just review what you can and regenerate your queue. Or regenerate immediately. They shouldn't reappear.

#65 Posted by BeachThunder (13173 posts) -
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I beseech thee, Giant Bomb community, vote for Drox Operative at its Greenlight page:! It sounds very interesting. I haven't played it yet (I want it on Steam) but if it is anything like Soldak Entertainment's previous game - Din's Curse - it is undoubtably a great deal of fun.

I want it on Steam and you do, too. Vote now.

#71 Posted by BeachThunder (13173 posts) -

Saw Claire on Greenlight and it looks great. If I want to be reductive, then I'd say that it looks like female version of Lone Survivor. I don't, so I'll just say it looks like a nice little horror-adventure.

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#72 Posted by BeachThunder (13173 posts) -

Patrick's favourite point & click horror game* is up on Greenlight: The Last Door.

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*may not actually be true.

#73 Edited by miskovicmilos (4 posts) -

Hi guys,

I'm one of Phoenix Game Studio develpoers. Recently we have uploaded demo of our game T.E.C. 3001 on Steam Greenlight, so if you have time please take a look.

Here is the link to our game


#74 Edited by miskovicmilos (4 posts) -

Hello everyone,

T.E.C. 3001 has been Greenlit, and I just wan't to thank you for your support. We will announce release date soon, for more information you can follow us on:


Twitter @phoenixgamess


#75 Edited by Elektrobear (27 posts) -

Momodora III is up on Greenlight! I'm the composer for the game so I'm ever so slightly biased but I still played the shit out of the first two games and the third one is even better!

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#76 Edited by miskovicmilos (4 posts) -

Hello again,

This was the long journey, and finally we can proudly annoucne that T.E.C. 3001 will be available on Steam from April 10, 2014.

This game is good choice for everyone who like fast games full with adrenaline and heart pumping gameplay. So hardcore gamers, bring it on.


P.S. Here is Total Biscuit review of our game

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