What's your Steam Game of the Year?

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#51 Posted by OldManLight (1076 posts) -
  1. Saints Row 4 (I know it's dumb but i just had so much fun playing through it and it makes me laugh)
  2. State of Decay
  3. Starbound
  4. Don't Starve
  5. Guacamelee Gold Ed.
#52 Edited by Nightriff (6140 posts) -

Haven't played any new games this year. The ones I've played the most off steam are Civ 5 expansions and Cook Serve Delicious. So 2012's 2013 Steam Game of the Year.

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Hmm... far too many of the games I own on Steam I have not finished, so it's difficult for me to answer this.

Bioshock Infinite was good, I haven't finished Tomb Raider but I enjoyed what I played of it. I bought Spelunky but haven't started it yet.

I guess if you're talking about games that were released in 2013 and I bought on Steam, my GOTY would be Rogue Legacy. I had a ton of fun with that game and one of the games on Steam I probably spent the most time with. I also really like Saints Row 4.

However, I spent so much time playing Dark Souls on Steam this year that it's probably my 201X's 2013 GOTY.

#54 Posted by AlexW00d (6682 posts) -

@alexw00d said:

Dota, Democracy 3, Gunpoint.

There's 3 of my favourite games this year.

Is Democracy 3 good? I absolutely love Political Simulators and I played D2 to death.

Yeah it's pretty great. Was having a really good time with it 'til an update ate my save.

#55 Edited by Vextroid (1451 posts) -

@hells said:

Spelunky. That game is so damn good.

#56 Posted by Video_Game_King (36567 posts) -

@animasta said:

Steam GOTY: Europa Universalis 4

Overall GOTY: Europa Universalis 4

Game of the Generation? Mass Effect 2

#57 Posted by CornBREDX (6385 posts) -

All the games.

#58 Posted by ervonymous (1299 posts) -

D&D: Chronicles of Mystara.

#59 Posted by aStagnantSleep (44 posts) -
#60 Posted by afabs515 (1421 posts) -


#61 Posted by qazmoto (12 posts) -

Dota 2

#62 Edited by believer258 (12662 posts) -

System Shock 2!

OK, yeah, it's probably Tomb Raider, but I thought that System Shock 2 deserved a mention.

#63 Edited by ownage112 (3 posts) -

Killing Floor

#64 Edited by Rxanadu (577 posts) -

If we're counting games that came out in earlier years, then it's To The Moon for me. Here are my reasons:

  • It's short
  • It has a wonderful story (if harmed a bit by some bits of poorly written dialogue)
  • It has Steam Cloud, one of the major deciding factors of buying games now(I uninstall games frequently to make way for more space)
  • It has one-handed controls in a point-and-click adventure game
  • The music's pretty good
  • It discusses autism without beating your head with it (it doesn't even utter the word!)

Note that I'm only adding this since I actually beat this game. I still need to beat Gunpoint, but I've been busy trying to clear out my backlog.

#65 Posted by Tblockkiller (73 posts) -

1. volgarr

2. Tomb raider

3. Walking dead S2 ep1

#66 Posted by MEATBALL (3876 posts) -

Papers Please is probably my favourite game that I played on my PC/Steam (though I bought it DRM-free on release through humble, and then played it using a steam key). I did the same with Gunpoint, which was also pretty great.

#67 Posted by EVO (4026 posts) -


#68 Posted by hidys (1063 posts) -

Bioshock Infinite.

#69 Posted by crithon (3513 posts) -

Don't Starve, jesus christ, I almost forgot about this one. What an excellent surprise and really the better of the early access beta and watching it grow from it's early humble beginnings.

#70 Posted by Christoffer (2041 posts) -

Dota 2, Path of Exile and Rogue Legacy are probably my top 3. It might also be all 2013 games I've played. But hey, still top 3.

#71 Edited by Bucklebutt (82 posts) -

i probably put most of my time into America's Army: Proving Grounds

it's a surprisingly great free to play fps that's a mix between CS and Rainbow 6. It is absolutely free (as of now, donno what they plan), there isn't anything you can buy with money, period.

I played a few other games that were probably better, but I'd like to show AA:PG some love so it gets my vote!

#72 Posted by iceman228433 (656 posts) -

Marvel Heroes


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