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Steel was designed to give the attacking team a number of different tactics for ultimately winning, with the main capture point being available right from the beginning of the game - though initially only to scouts and also to decently skilled soldiers and demomen.  Therefore, at any stage the attackers could decide to rush for the final stage or alternatively use it as a distraction for capturing the other control points.  A concerted rush on the final control point is rarely seen before the attackers capture point C due to the amount of team coordination required and also how easily a well placed sentry or demoman can dispatch attackers on the final control point.

Each control point other than the final one has an effect on the map to make it easier for the attackers to attack the final control point and harder for the defenders to defend, while also adding a time bonus.  Capturing one of these control points opens up the following one so there is only one control point in addition to the final one which is capturable at any one time.  Example of the effects of capturing points are: Point C causes bridges to extend to the final control point allowing classes can capture it, Point D opens up another main door into the final area allowing another route for capturing the final point.

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