sepultallica86's Super Mario Kart (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) review

Super Mario Kart is unbelievably fun!

Super Mario Kart came out in the second year of the Super Nintendo's life cycle, and looked really good, and played very well. You take control of one of eight Nintendo characters and race to the top in four different cups.
Super Mario Kart pretty much invented the Kart genre, if not, made it what it was and balanced as well. If you go back and play this game nowadays, most people will realize that compared to Kart racers now, and even within the last decade, this game is no cake walk. Super Mario Kart does not hold your hand, and you will have to have some sort of skill to be putting up any kind of fight or challenge on 150cc. You will not be able to just hold the gas and easily turn, as your kart will slide off, even using the hop button will give you a sharper turn, but you'll as well have to have some major control over. Each character has their own attributes, as it'll be acceleration or speed, and even turning. You will also have items at your side to help you out as well. To get items you will have to hit ? blocks taken from the Super Mario Bros. franchise. The items arrange from mushrooms, which give you a speed boost, or green shells which you can launch at another racer to take him out, or a red shell which is homing. Bananas can be left sitting there, and if another player drives over it, he'll then slip. Items aren't all just fun in games, as most recent players of Newer Mario Kart games will notice that these items recquire much skill and precise use, making the game a lot harder, and even special items such as the feather which gives you a hop, also recquire much skill, as you have to use it at the correct spot and even timing.
Super Mario Kart looks really amazing as well, with some really fulfilling music on each track, really suiting the mood. This game is easily accessible too, even though 150cc is pretty hard, there are also two easier modes, 50cc and 100cc, pretty much ranging from easy, medium, and hard. Even by todays standards, this game is still one of the best kart racers, even racing in general. I also don't want to forget to mention battle mode, which puts the players in an arena, having 3 balloons which indicates (3) hit points. The players then have access to many ? blocks, and just use the items to then take out the other player, and whoever loses their three balloons first loses.
Aside, Super Mario Kart gets a major thumbs up, and I can easily recommend this game to anyone the has a remote interest in video games in general. If you have memories of even playing Mario Kart 64, and haven't discovered further back to the genres roots, then i highly suggest you go back and check this game out, as it is far superior.


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