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One of the best games in XBL

Everything about this game just oozes quality.
Sure it is hard but the overall polish is clearly visible. I got this yesterday and played almost two worlds with my friend watching and even he who hasnt ever been into 2d platformers said that "this is excellent". And whilst I'm not into hard games I had loads of fun in getting my Meat Boy killed to spinning blades, metal junk, enemies and screen borders. Everything in this game kills you! But as it is so fast paced it doesnt really begin to bother you, and as it is so well designed that every time Meat Boy dies the reason is players. Of course I still have loads and loads of levels to complete but I'd imagine that even though the levels will only be harder they wont get unfair. This is difficulty done the right way.
The retroelements dont seem to be tacked on but they are a natural part of the game instead never being there just because they are hip.  Chiptunes and soundtrack overall is also spot on, the variations in levels and graphics are excellent. Extra characters seem to be really fun to play as, even though I have no idea how to unlock them all and most likely will never do that as the bandages seem to be fiendishly hard to acquire at most levels. 
I personally dont care if it is just a glorified flash version as I've never played the original game, but when the Super version is this good I can easily recommend this to anyone who is or has been into 2d sidescrollers, dont let all the talk about the difficulty level keep you from buying this and supporting one of the best games this year.
This surely is one of the best games in Xbox Live and I'd imagine that I'll be playing this for some time even though I must admit that I will never 200/200 this one :D

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Posted By xavfin
@matti00: Thanks!
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Posted By matti00

I played through the first world (light and dark) and pretty much agree with everything you said. Good review! Looking forward to playing more today

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