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Torture Porn

Super Meat boy was never on my radar till I watched Brad's Quicklook on GiantBomb.com. I, like many others, am a fan of Super Mario Brothers and all other 2D platformers that control very well. So after watching the quicklook, I spent the $10 early purchase fee. The first couple of stages are a tutorial and can be slightly deceiving in the difficulty department. Its not until you get 8 or 9 levels in, does it ramp up the difficulty. I have been a gamer for nearly 30 years. And during that time, I have played stupidly frustrating games that caused me to angrily quit, sell and move on. Being a seasoned gamer taught me a bit of patience recently. So when I popped in Super Meat Boy, I was ready for frustratingly fun adventure. Very rarely do I devote so much time to completing a game. Super Meat Boy had me playing, dying and competing with Brad and friends to complete each level. When i finally beat the game, I screamed victory and had to tell everyone I know about my accomplishment. Upon completing I received the Super Meat Boy Avatar Prop for XBOX live. I consider it highly prized trophy for my hard work.

If you love a great challenge and aren't afraid to get bloody in the process, I highly recommend SUPER MEAT BOY!


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