IS this or is this not Vinny in S:SSEP

#1 Posted by DoctorTran (1570 posts) -

I mean... to me this totally looks like Vinny... if not Vinny then maybe Abe Lincloln.

#2 Posted by Make_Me_Mad (3116 posts) -

It looks kinda like Vinny.  It looks way more like Ganon from Wind Waker.

#3 Posted by DoctorTran (1570 posts) -
@Make_Me_Mad: I don't know... Every time I look at it I see Vinny.
#4 Posted by IBurningStar (2190 posts) -

It kind of looks like Vinny. It also kind of looks like Wind Waker Ganondorf.

Wait. Have we ever seen Vinny and Ganondorf in the same place together? I haven't. I'm just saying...

#5 Posted by DeeGee (2144 posts) -

That looks like Vinny only if you agree that Vinny looks like Ganondorf, which is all I see.

#6 Posted by DoctorTran (1570 posts) -

I guess since I'm not a huge Zelda fan, I only see Vinny, since I don't know what Ganondorf looks like.

#7 Posted by KarlPilkington (2773 posts) -

Looks like Uncle Abe.

#8 Posted by CitizenKane (10508 posts) -

You've seen it.  You can't unsee it.

#9 Posted by ReyGitano (2467 posts) -
@Make_Me_Mad said:
" It looks kinda like Vinny.  It looks way more like Ganon from Wind Waker. "
Now that I've seen Ganon, I can't unsee him, but initially it did look like Vinny.
#10 Posted by ajamafalous (12129 posts) -

It's Ganondorf in Wind Waker.

#11 Posted by SBYM (1219 posts) -

Oh, wow.

#12 Posted by Make_Me_Mad (3116 posts) -

Someone use Photoshop to paint Vinny green for us.  We need to double check this.

#13 Edited by MattyFTM (14424 posts) -

I'm sure if I just saw that without someone pointing it out, I wouldn't have thought it. But once you've said it, I can't unsee it.

#14 Posted by Sweep (8950 posts) -

I'd recognise that receding hairline anywhere!

(Love ya' Vinny!)

It's understandable to confuse Vinny with Abraham Lincoln. Our Vincent is very... presidential.
#15 Posted by RampageAssassin (427 posts) -

That should be Lincoln's secret base entrance in Lincoln Force.

#16 Posted by WalkerTR77 (1390 posts) -

Yep, definitely Vinny.

#17 Posted by stew_jaynes (60 posts) -

vinny fer sure

#18 Posted by Rhombus_Of_Terror (2152 posts) -

The photoshop thread boys worked this out on the day the video went live on Tested.

#19 Posted by BUCK3TM4N (549 posts) -

haha ya it looks like vinny

#20 Posted by Kyle (2325 posts) -
@ajamafalous said:
" It's Ganondorf in Wind Waker. "

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