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Donkey Kong Country 2

 ...Can I phone a friend?
 ...Can I phone a friend?
In DKC2, players can go see Swanky Kong in "Swanky's Bonus Bonanza", where they would play a small quiz game to try and get more lives. There were three difficulties in each world, costing the player a certain amount of banana coins. After paying up Swanky asks them a series of questions, ranging from character names and level names, to very specific details of each level. If the player gets all 3 questions right, they are rewarded with extra lives based on the difficulty of the quiz, if they get a question wrong, however, they need to pay up start from the beginning again. Once a quiz is completed, the player  can't play it again.


Donkey Kong Country 3

Take THAT Cranky. 
Take THAT Cranky. 
Swanky Kong reappeared in DKC3 in "Swanky's Sideshow", here, the player challenges Cranky Kong to a carnival game of hitting targets. There are three variations, each costing 2 Brother Bear Coins.
  • Head to Head - The player must hit three more targets than Cranky to win the game, if Cranky gets three more than the player, the player loses. If no-one has won after 60 seconds, the person in the lead wins.
  • Race to 25 - The player must be the first to hit 25 targets.
  • Endurance - The player has to hit every target, the first one to miss a target loses.
If the player wins they get 40 bananas and 4 Brother bear Coins, and if the player loses, they get 10 bananas and 1 Brother Bear Coin. 
Mode 7 Graphics! 
Mode 7 Graphics! 
In the GBA remake of DKC3, Swanky appears in "Swanky's Dash", here, the player controls Dixie running down a pipe trying to collect 100 stars, similar to the Sonic 2 mini-game. The game costs 2 Brother Bear Coins, the player has to collect at least 90 stars to beat the game and avoid and spikes as they make you drop your stars. If the player wins they get 2 Brother Bear Coins, 10 bananas and an extra life, and if the player loses, they get 12 bananas. If the player wins for the first time, they also get a Banana Bird.

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