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Tales of Legendia starts players off as Senel Coolidge, on a boat with his sister Shirley. The boat ends up washing up on shore, but since the sea water hurts his sister, he quickly tries to get her to fresh water. Once he has he encounters Will Raynard, who informs him that him and his sister are on a huge boat called 'The Legacy'.

Battle System

Tales of Legendia uses the Linear Motion Battle System like all the other Tales games in the series. The fight's in the game are on a 2D plain, while everything is rendered in 3D. Meaning, you cant move forwards and backwards, but you can move from left to right, and jump over enemies to attack them from behind. This type of battle system is disliked by some players, but they seem to just deal with it.

Character Quests

After the main game itself is over, the game gives you more to play with by the addition of character quests. These quests dive into the back story of each of the characters in your party, and make everything that happened in the main game make sense. The character quests were frowned upon by most of the players though because of the lack of voice acting.

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