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tekken 5:dark resurrection (i know there is not a wiki page for that on giantbomb.com but im writing a review for the ps3 version)fixed all of the bugs of tekken 5 (and there was quite a few) for example the AI was finally fixed!namco also answered my prayers and jinpachi mishima was adedd to the roster.we also got two new characters (emily "lili" rocherfort and sergei dragunov) and  also a character that was not playable since tekken 2 dun dun dun dun.......... armor king!eddy gordo got his own character box,iut also had vs cpu mode in which u could pick ur own character  and the enemy,i always wanted that!all in all tekken 5:dark ressurection was a great upgrade to tekken 5.1 and tekken 5.it introduced new customize items.the stages were the same but remixed ,also there were some new stages.although the thing i HATE about tekken 5:dr is that the endings were the same as in tekken 5!a tekken fanboy like myself would apreacciate would be more characters! i mean i know there was alot but man only 2!!!!!!!i mean wtf?!anyway tekken 5:dr is a great game and a great upgrade!and one more thing, i would like to quote the tfg webmaster said :-) no he actually said this:tekken dark ressurection is the first REAL

handheld tekken game.

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