100+ Things You've Learned Playing Skyrim (Spoiler Free Edition!)

#101 Posted by mubress (1581 posts) -

100. I'm a wizard and Skyrim is fucked up.

#102 Posted by TheVeteran13 (1276 posts) -

101. I have commitment issues...

#103 Posted by Hylan333 (13 posts) -

102. When a Jarl and his steward are argueing weather your dragonborn or not. DO NOT disprove them by using your dragonborn shout

#104 Posted by metalsnakezero (2586 posts) -

103. Interact with every person, you may stumble on a hour long quest.

#105 Posted by lotusamurai (43 posts) -

104. Archers training in town are an endless supply of arrows.

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@MrCandleguy said:

90. Everyone thinks and says they can kill you no problems, despite you killing dragons on a daily basis.

This happens in every damn RPG ive played in a while, everyone thinks they can take you. Even though you are the biggest bad ass in the game world.

105. Turning into a Werewolf in the middle of a town is not a good idea.

#107 Posted by babblinmule (1280 posts) -

106. It is possible to safely slide down a near vertical cliff.

#108 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

107. Murdering the general store owner in Whiterun while he sleeps is a good way to get him to shut his smug mouth. Seriously, I hate that guy.

#109 Posted by Jerr (536 posts) -

108. The Skyrim mod community is obsessed with nude textures (3 of them day one)

#110 Posted by Xdsk (278 posts) -

109. Even though you can find a wood cutters axe, you cannot cut down trees.

#111 Posted by bunnymud (765 posts) -

110. Your smoking habbit doubles while playing Skyrim

#112 Posted by BlinkyTM (1057 posts) -

111. Dwarves are called Dwemer and are not dwarves but actually "Deep elves."

#113 Posted by BlinkyTM (1057 posts) -

112. Dwarves are not short, they are the size of a human but since a giant looked at one and called him a dwarf the name stuck.

#114 Posted by bombHills (650 posts) -

113. Betting women you can win in a fist fight will net you one hundred coins, unless she cheats and decides to pull out a sword.

#115 Posted by Twinblade34 (121 posts) -

114. The horses in this game were tamed by chuck norris.

#116 Edited by supamon (1339 posts) -

115. Citizens of Skyrim will entrust you with private letters and weapons to deliver even though you only just met them for the first time.

#118 Edited by Whitehat (31 posts) -

117. Giants believe you can fly, they believe you can touch the sky.

#119 Posted by Saseav (65 posts) -

118. people aren't okay with picking your way into their homes, but once you do you can sleep right next to them.

#120 Posted by Mattf2312 (49 posts) -

119. Even if an obstacle doesn't render, it will still block your path.

#121 Posted by KingRedWing (46 posts) -

120. When in doubt, dragon shout.

#122 Edited by max_mischi3f (66 posts) -

121. The path to take you up the mountain is always on the other side of the mountain.

#123 Posted by thekingoftoilets (212 posts) -

122. That being an archer in the land of Skyrim is actually enjoyable.

#124 Posted by Grillbar (1977 posts) -

@bunnymud said:

110. Your smoking habbit doubles while playing Skyrim

its the other way around for me with skyrim,

#125 Posted by Hailinel (25787 posts) -

123. Taking on a dragon in melee combat may prove no problem, but a bear? RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

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124. Marrying a priestess gives you license to take whatever you want from her temple.

#127 Posted by JokerFrown (321 posts) -

@kamolahy said:

94. If you aren't sure what it does, put it in your mouth.

I think this one wins the list.

#128 Posted by Pezzer123 (15 posts) -

125. Dogs are stupid.

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#129 Edited by BlinkyTM (1057 posts) -

126. Companions get lost easily and never seem to be by your side in a major encounter when you need them the most.

#130 Posted by BugHunter (24 posts) -

127. Skryim weddings are just barely a step above Vegas weddings in spontaneity.

#131 Posted by RecSpec (4657 posts) -

128. The Dark Brotherhood's courier is the most dedicated courier out there. 
Delivered my letter as I was shooting at a dragon. So I was stuck talking to him as my Dremora was battling a dragon in the middle of a town

#132 Posted by Flaboere (386 posts) -

129. Even when posed with a foe that has no ranged combat, a dragon will allways eventually land to fight said foe, instead of just flying around shooting fire.

#133 Posted by Twiggy199 (566 posts) -

130.  The northern lights are in the north

#134 Posted by RandomHero666 (3184 posts) -

not sure if it's been posted yet but

131. Cities only employ guards who have taken arrows to the knee

#135 Edited by fetchfox (1498 posts) -

132. Sweetroll is the shit among guards, like a drug against shitty-job depression.

#136 Posted by sscott25 (3 posts) -

133. Wolves, in any for or fashion, suck. YOUR NOT EVEN WORTH THE BLUNT END OF MY MACE.

#137 Posted by Fatpumpkin (5 posts) -

134. Vampires really seem to like collecting shoes. They love them.

#138 Posted by Saseav (65 posts) -

135. werewolves are free from prosecution. as long as they don't die and no one sees them switch back.

#139 Posted by metalsnakezero (2586 posts) -

136. Falkreath is infested with dragons.

137. You know when you are a true dragonborn when you can fight 2 dragon at once.

#140 Posted by JonSmith (174 posts) -

@Vexxan said:

50. A horse will always want to fight a dragon, but a horse will never win against a dragon.

*Unless said horse is Shadowmere.

#141 Posted by Slaker117 (4857 posts) -

139. A guard might get nervous, man approaches with his weapon drawn.

#142 Posted by Kalisynth (27 posts) -

140. that location that you warped to because it looked close to your objective is actually the long way around

141. Dwarves were not happy with just plain spiders, they had to make mechanical ones.

#143 Posted by halfpastwhenever (59 posts) -

142. I'm definitely a Khajit person

#144 Posted by Joeyoe31 (848 posts) -

143. Putting baskets over people's heads drops their interests in their own personal possessions. Go ahead and take them!

#145 Posted by Hendrixx (17 posts) -

144) shouting can cause a 90 degrees vertical trip into space

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145. Shop Keepers will know when you stole something from another shop in a completely different town. They refuse to buy your goods.

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146. People in Skyrim have X-ray vision. They can see when you're stealing something through the floor and the walls.

#148 Posted by sesquipedalophobe (183 posts) -

147. You can collect the skins of nearly everything, but people. I find something seriously wrong with that.

#149 Edited by bayushi (63 posts) -

148. eat everything that you can in the game to discover its alchemical properties!

#150 Posted by EmuLeader (576 posts) -

149. When a person sees the person he was just talking to fly across the room from an arrow to the gut, a 5 second scan of a 3 meter radius is enough to confirm that, in fact, nothing just happened.

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