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Everythings better with dragons. 0

Always have trouble writing reviews for this brand of game because there's just so much stuff going on that I inevitably forget to mention some key point or feature. But whatever.I'll do what I always do - ramble incoherently for a few paragraphs and tack a score on the end. Like most if not all Elder Scrolls games before it Skyrim places you in the boots of a person taken prisoner for reasons that aren't ever really explained. In fact you're about to be executed when out of nowhere a drag...

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Thank god for Skyrim crashing from time to time, because that's the only reason I stop playing to do other, real-life things, like sleep.It's that good. “I stop playing only when the game crashes.” that's a gold quote to put on the back of the box. For all its major and minor failures and all the little things that Bethesda continues to screw up on, Skyrim is a helluva of a game, a game that pulls you from a thousand different directions, begging you to explore this, find that, or talk to him or...

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Skyrim > Oblivion (duh) 0

I'm just gonna put it out there. Skyrim is awesome.As for why, well, that's a much longer statement.This game does not need my praise as it's gotten overwhelming support from game critics and the community, but I'm gonna put my own two cents out there anyway.To be upfront, I did not like Oblivion. Something about how that game began, the lack of direction, the clunkiness of the combat and the bugginess of the game engine put me off three separate times. Skyrim fixes a lot of those issues.I feel ...

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Skyrim is The Best Game EVARRRRRRRR!!!! 0

You go out and buy this game right now! It is worth whatever price it is. There is nothing that needs to be said to prove my point that Skyrim is the best game ever, but I'll give you some short reasons why you need this game. The story is insanely deep and you can easily get into the lore around you! There are plenty of books to read which believe it or not are actually interesting and some are even useful. For example there is a book on Shadowmarks which give hints to thieves on which place...

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Skyrim: Constantly on the Horizon 0

Skyrim in two words: Too Ambitious.Skyrim in a bunch of other words:Skyrim delivers what we have come to expect from Bethesda. From the moment your character wakes in the opening sequence it is immediately apparent that they spent a large amount of time developing an amazing atmosphere. The art direction and graphics are stunning, the voice actors are far from amateur, and the writing is superb. Skyrim's ambiance seeps past the screen and grasps you by your imagination. You become the hero you h...

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 0

This games is fantastic. I love playing Fallout 3, but this game is so much better. I love how the game starts and it never stops. I love that you level up higher than level 20 like Bethesda has done in prior games. I wish I could say specific things I liked about this game, but I love everything about it. It's wonderful that you can level up and focus on elements that you naturally utilize when you play the game. If you are wondering if you should try this game, the answer is YES. Get it, play ...

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Nice game, but feels repetitive to the other Bethesda games. 0

This game is a very nice on the eyes, I enjoyed it very much, although it reminded me to much of Fallout: New Vegas, but what can you expect from Bethesda, I just was hoping to see a game that looked a little different, the character models, and the land scape looked to much like the Fallout games, that's the only thing that I'm having a hard time getting over every thing else was great, that's why my honest rating is a four out of five, the graphics are great, the gameplay is great, and the voi...

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Dont Take An Arrow In The Knee, Play This Game 0

24 hours and 31 minutes. In most games that would mean I had played the game to the fullest. I would probably have completed the game on numerous difficulties, and got to a high rank in on-line multi-player. Oh and I’d probably also have all the collectibles and achievements/trophies. In Skyrim, 24 hours and 31 minutes is pathetic, I’ve not seen half of what the game has to offer. I’m still working on the main quest, still killing dragons, and I know that once I do beat the main story, theres at...

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Very cooooolll 0

one of the best game ever after playing RPG from Fallout 1 to 3 ! the art is topnotch,environment is awesome and the gameplay is addicting.. when i start this game i cannot stop because i love it. Really fun and other studios must look at how Bethesda seriously working on this game....

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