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An immersive sandbox game that goes nowhere but the ride is good 0

I have played all the Elder Scrolls games in the series beginning with Daggerfall and like many I do believe that Skyrim is the best of the bunch, I was not keen on Morrowind, never got into Oblivivion but put many hours into Skyrim. The gameworld is beautiful and gorgeous, both in terms of visuals and design, it is refreshing and invigorating to play a fantasy game set in a universe that resembles medieval realms instead of playing colourful fairies in a cartoon world. Not that I think the latt...

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Skyrim Review 0

BY– POSTED IN: DAVID'S POSTS, MICROSOFT, PS3, REVIEWS, REVIEWS ARCHIVE, SONY, XBOX 360Developer: BethesdaPublisher: BethesdaThe time has come. The time has come that fans of Oblivion have been waiting for. The time has come that they can delve into a world that the average player wont even see half of. The time has come to close the door to the outside world. The time has come to forget about the outside world, and the time has come to remember why you play games. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is ...

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           There are currently 2 items pinned to my computers taskbar; Internet explorer, and The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. I'll be completley honest, I did NOT expect this game to live up to the hype it was given. But of couse, I was wrong, not only did this game live up to its pontentiall, but it also SURPASSED the hype!             Lets begin with the graphics; simply put, this game looks AMAZING, from the butterflies that wander across the land, to the massive mountains that tower over the wo...

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A game worthy of the Dragonborn 0

28 hours. That's my current time spent the amazing world of Skyrim. In those 28 hours, I've ventured out, done many side-quests, and got to join the Dark Brotherhood, my favorite of the groups to join. I'm about level 26 with my Nord, and I mostly fend off foes using two-handed weapons and my various shouts. There's so much to see and do in Skyrim, and the fact that you can venture anywhere and play how you want really makes this a must-play RPG.Skyrim is vast, but dangerous thanks to dragons, g...

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Skyrim is The Best Game EVARRRRRRRR!!!! 0

You go out and buy this game right now! It is worth whatever price it is. There is nothing that needs to be said to prove my point that Skyrim is the best game ever, but I'll give you some short reasons why you need this game. The story is insanely deep and you can easily get into the lore around you! There are plenty of books to read which believe it or not are actually interesting and some are even useful. For example there is a book on Shadowmarks which give hints to thieves on which place...

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Skyrim: Constantly on the Horizon 0

Skyrim in two words: Too Ambitious.Skyrim in a bunch of other words:Skyrim delivers what we have come to expect from Bethesda. From the moment your character wakes in the opening sequence it is immediately apparent that they spent a large amount of time developing an amazing atmosphere. The art direction and graphics are stunning, the voice actors are far from amateur, and the writing is superb. Skyrim's ambiance seeps past the screen and grasps you by your imagination. You become the hero you h...

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 0

This games is fantastic. I love playing Fallout 3, but this game is so much better. I love how the game starts and it never stops. I love that you level up higher than level 20 like Bethesda has done in prior games. I wish I could say specific things I liked about this game, but I love everything about it. It's wonderful that you can level up and focus on elements that you naturally utilize when you play the game. If you are wondering if you should try this game, the answer is YES. Get it, play ...

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Dont Take An Arrow In The Knee, Play This Game 0

24 hours and 31 minutes. In most games that would mean I had played the game to the fullest. I would probably have completed the game on numerous difficulties, and got to a high rank in on-line multi-player. Oh and I’d probably also have all the collectibles and achievements/trophies. In Skyrim, 24 hours and 31 minutes is pathetic, I’ve not seen half of what the game has to offer. I’m still working on the main quest, still killing dragons, and I know that once I do beat the main story, theres at...

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Very cooooolll 0

one of the best game ever after playing RPG from Fallout 1 to 3 ! the art is topnotch,environment is awesome and the gameplay is addicting.. when i start this game i cannot stop because i love it. Really fun and other studios must look at how Bethesda seriously working on this game....

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