loganhallfin's Orange Box, The (PC) review

You can't go wrong with The Orange Box

Seriously I hate really short detail-less reviews. But theres no point in even trying here.

If your reading this your either bored or you want to confirm that yes the game is really that good, or your thinking about buying it.

Time to stop thinking.

Odds are near 100% you already know what Half Life and Half Life 2 are well this awesome box comes like Half Life 2 / HL2 Episode 1 and Episode 2. This already is a huge value as Half life 2 is about 15 hours and each episode is geared twoards 5 hours.

Also included in the orange box is Portal, a little puzzle player that is the rage of gamers around the world, and unexpected super hit, and diservidly so, its an awesome, hillarious, super fun to play FPS-style puzzle solver where you shoot portals to solve puzzles. Its very short really only about 3 hours BUT when the game is over it isnt over as there are more challenges to face.

And Last but not least is Team Fortress 2. An online only team-class based FPS. Its got a unquie style, great balance between classes, quick wit and quicker action. Honestly it might not appeal to everyone because it doesnt take itself seriously at all, but most people will probably just enjoy that aspect. Its fun and fast and easy to get into quick blasting action.

All of these games alone would receive 4 or 5 stars combined together they deserve at least 5, maybe 6.

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Posted by LoganHallfin

Really short, old review that I had laying around... why not post it here so it can last until the end of time.

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