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Slathering Through The Matter Machine 0

There is a whole lot of shooting going on, no I don’t mean this game, I mean on the whole damn console.  It seems like over half the games that come out these days are some kind of shooter.  I’ve been playing the modern first person shooter since Tribes came out in…  hmmm, 1998, that’s a while ago. I make that point to say that, I’m not going to play a shooter these days for the online multiplayer, there’s just not any juice in that anymore for me.  If I play a shooter these days, its because t...

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Ironically, what this game needed was simply more time. 0

TimeShift is a perfect example of publishers pushing an unfinished game onto the market in time for the holiday season. While the result is by no means disastrous, there's no doubt the game could have been significantly better. The story goes that at some point in the future, a secret science facility invents a suit that protects its wearer from the side-effects of time travel, i.e. being squished into a singularity by gravitational forces. Of course, one power-hungry jerk in your team can't re...

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If you like Half-Life 2... 0

... you might just get some decent times from Timeshift.   I played the first hour of this back in 2008 and didn't care much for it. I pulled it out of my collection recently and started again... got past the first hour (still pretty awful) and then began to really enjoy it. The time slowing/stopping/reversing are really a whole bunch of fun to use, and keeps the combat interesting. There are few puzzles scattered through the game which require the time powers, but they are very simple and not r...

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Is TimeShift worth your money, or more importantly your time? 0

------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------...

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Reverse time to prevent yourself from buying TimeShift! 0

 I don't know how I made it through this one. I'm going to gloss over the technical details so I can get to why this game really pisses me off. It's visually competent even though everything has a plasticky look. All the weapons sound weaker than they should and halfway through you get a crossbow that kills every enemy  in one shot. Combined with the ability to slow and pause time, this is basically god-mode. Even though it starts out kind of rough (lots of enemies, weak weapons), this one weapo...

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The Time Feature is cool but it dont save this Game 0

With the  Feature  of  stoping  time  are  slowing  time  down  is   a  Great  Feature  and  i  like  it  a  lot  but  does  this  Feature   alone   save  the  Game ,  Well   My  Friend  i  must  say  No   it   dont,   How  about   Boss  fights  i  dont  see  them  At  the  end  of   the  Game  you  do  have  this   Walker  Boss  walking  Through  the  City   but   even  that   is  just   so   so Boss,   As  a  rule  through  out   the  Game  you  are   slowing  stoping  time  and  Killing  Hund...

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A serviceable shooter that doesn't reinvent the genre. 0

Timeshift is the newest thing from Saber Interactive, the studio that developed the famous Will Rock game in 2003, this is the new thing there doing, a time changing, heavily scripted shooter. The Story is terrible, its hard to figure out whats going on, you are the "beta suit" in this lab, some crazy bald ass guy runs off with the "alpha suit" kills everyone in this building, which I don't understand at all, this pre-rendered scene is decent as best, but doesn't tell you who you are, or what i...

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Prince of Persia with Guns. 0

Timeshift made me appreciate this current gen of Graphics card, as well as my processor. It's not DX10 based, yet, it's graphics are amazingly good. Yet, Timeshift is more than just looks. So yeah, basically the tale told there is not exactly Half Life or Metal Gear Solid, it's complex, and somewhat boring, so yeah, the gameplay makes up for it, and so does the design and awesome Timeshifting powers, but we'll get to it. After 5 minutes gameplay you won't be earning any powers, you'll be left wi...

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Not Even Time Travel Gimmicks Save Timeshift From Mediocrity 0

  If there is one game genre the Xbox 360 is robust in it would quite easily be the first person shooter genre. But while that isn't necessarily an issue, with games likes Perfect Dark Zero, Prey, Call of Duty 2 and even Halo 3 picking up the FPS limelight with innovative and immersive gameplay, Timeshift developers Saber obviously had a real issue of making their game stand out from the rest. This issue proved so much that eventually Saber caved in and started the game's dev...

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Time Shift 0

Finally a game that involves time travel. Time Shift was incredible, with great graphics and awesome weapons, the characters you meet are very interesting and the abilties you have, give you a serious edge. Unlike some games with weather effects where the rain or snow does not look real, Timeshift has effects where the rain is believable. While there are some discrepencies with how certain time powers are used, such as slowing time-also makes you slow down, and that can hamper game play at certa...

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It's Just Fun. Nothing else needs to be said... 0

 I am a pretty big FPS fan. And somethings that always stick out to me is the gameplay, multiplayer, story and graphics. Though I've looked I've struggled to find a great FPS besides MW, Killzone or Resistance on my PS3. Until Now.No it dosn't have a great story.No it dosn't have local multiplayer.However it is just plain fun.For example each gun has two features. The first weopon you recieve is a handheld machine gun... with a rocket launcher. Whoever came up with that idea is a genius. Then th...

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