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World War III Funtime! 3

Military-themed movies always seem to have it. Serious-looking square-jawed men stand around command centers staring intently into monitors displaying unrealistically complicated UIs showing off real-time data about the battle at hand, all the while sternly barking orders into their super-sleek headsets. This of course means it happens in real life, right? Eh, maybe not so much. But none of that matters, since Ubisoft decided to let players live out their own Michael Bay commander fantasies with...

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Endwar is a great addition to the Clancy universe 1

Tom Clancy's Endwar is a new IP in the Tom Clancy universe. While the other Tom Clancy titles tend to focus on an elite squad or soldier in the US military, like Ghost Squad or Sam Fisher, Endwar does just the opposite. This game is a real-time strategy game, though it's doesn't really resemble the RTS games you'll have probably played before on the PC. Despite a small unit cap, the battles can really heat up at timesThe single biggest difference between all those PC RTSs and Endwar, is that En...

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Beautiful concept, basic gameplay 0

I have experienced a mix of emotions playing Tom Clancy's EndWar so far. After picking it up 2 days ago I was impressed - and remain so - by the voice control system that lets me issue commands to my military. It's accurate most of the time and reduces the amount of button pressing and menu navigation considerably. The problem with the game is its simplicity - not that being able to pick up the game and play it without needing to read through a manual as thick as a Tom Clancy novel is a bad thin...

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PS3 vs Xbox 360 The cold, hard truth 0

South Africans listen up! The common wisdom is that Xbox 360 versions are typically better than their PS3 counterparts, ...

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Why does this exist? 0

......................................................................................................................... Why does this game exist? At what point did the developers say: "Let's take our excellent RTS game and dumb it down into the negatives and release it on the PSP" The PSP could handle a real strategy game, Field Commander was an example. I honestly played a more interesting strategy game with better graphics on the frickin' SNES. And oh god are the graphics painful. I recent...

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Not the console Endwar, but still good. 0

I'm just gonna say this. if your looking for Endwar on the PS3 and 360 on the PSP, then stop. Your not getting it.Instead the developers decided to make a completely different game for the PSP (DS)). First, its not a voice activated real time strategy. Lets be honest, that wouldn't work on a portable system. Especially if you play the game in portable enviorments (like in public). Its a turn based strategy game.However the developers decided to changed things up. Turns take place in two phases. ...

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