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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2x is a launch title for the Xbox - it's a director's cut version of Tony Hawk's Pro Skaters 2 that appear on the PlayStation, Dreamcast, and Nintendo 64. The game features more levels, better graphics, and an improved version of the create-a-skater mode.


Grinding it up in France.

The game features several single player modes and multi-player modes, single-player has a career mode, single session, park editor, create a skater, and free skate. The career has the player picking a skater and a level to complete various goals for cash. Money in the game is use to purchase stats, skateboard decks, and more tricks. Free Skate is mainly viewed as a practice mode, which means you can't fail because there is no time limit. Single Session works like the career mode only there are no goals, just the time limit. Multiplayer has modes that can go up to four or eight (via system link) players.

Other single player modes contains park editor and create a skater. In the Park Editor mode, the player can create his or her very own skate park - using various tools like quarter pipes, rails, stair cases, etc. In create-a-skater, the player can create a skater by customizing the skater's clothing, hair style, and tricks. New to this version of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2, is the ability to create a female skater.

Multi-player modes in the game consist of regular "trick attack" session - two to eight players can compete to see who can get the high score in a set time limit. "Graffiti mode" is were the player can take over certain parts of a level by tricking off them - the objective is to take over as much of the environment before the time runs out. Other players can take over their opponents' controlled areas by performing higher scores. "Tag mode" is what the title says - the player who is "it" has to make contact with another opponent in the game. "HORSE" is were the player performs a trick and his or her opponent has to follow what the player has done with a better trick. If the opponent fails to do so, he or she will get a letter - if a player gets enough letters to spell out "HORSE," the player will lose the game. The game also contains a free skate mode for the multi-player for two to eight players can use to skate around a level as much as they want.


Hang time!

Stats are purchase with cash that is earned from the career mode. Stats increase a skater's performances. There are ten stats for each skater.

  • Air - Affects the boost you get when you air on a quarter pipe.
  • Hang Time - Affects the length of time you stay in the air.
  • Ollie - Affects your ground jump height.
  • Speed - Affects your flat ground speed.
  • Spin - Affects the speed at which your character rotates. Max it out if you want to spin 720s or 900s.
  • Landing - Affects how easy it is for you to nail big drops.
  • Switch - Determines how well you skate when you are skating switch. When maxed out to ten, the skater should be equally skilled regular and switch.
  • Rail Balance - Affects your ability to balance on rails.
  • Lip Balance - Balance for lip tricks. The higher the stat, the longer you can tweak lip tricks and the more points you can score.
  • Manual Balance - The higher the value, the longer you will be able to balance manuals.

Playable Characters


The game features twenty-four levels, the most out of any Tony Hawk game. All the levels from the original Tony Hawk game are included with five new levels added as well. The remake, like the original, have special cases where some of the levels (like Marseille) have a hidden section unlocked through specific things - like breaking a supporting wooden stick holding up a tree by skating on it will make the tree fall down and open up a hidden skatebowl downstairs.

THPS2 Levels

  • The Hanger Mullet Falls MT
  • School II Southern California
  • Marseille France
  • NY City New York
  • Venice Beach California
  • Skatestreet Ventura
  • Philadelphia Pennsylvania
  • The Bullring Mexico
  • Chopper Drop Hawali
  • Skate Heaven

THPS Levels

  • Warehouse Woodland Hills CA
  • School Miami FL
  • Mall New York
  • Skate Park Chicago
  • Downtown Minneapolis
  • Downhill Jam Phoenix AZ
  • Burnside Portland OR
  • Streets San Francisco
  • Roswell New Mexico

THPS2X Levels

One of the five new levels in the game.
  • Club London
  • Construction Site Dallas TX
  • Skate Park Tampa FL
  • Subway New York
  • Sky Lines Detroit MI


  • Blood Brothers - Papa Roach
  • Bring The Noise - Anthrax
  • Guerilla Radio - Rage Against The Machine
  • Pin The Tail On The Donkey - Naughty By Nature
  • You - Bad Religion
  • When Worlds Collide - Powerman 5000
  • No Cigar - Millencolin
  • B-Boy Document 99 - The High And MIghty
  • Cyclone - Dub Pistols
  • May 16 - Lagwagon
  • Subculture - Styles Of Beyond
  • Heavy Metal Winner - Consumed
  • Evil Eye - Fu Manchu
  • Out With The Old - Alley Life
  • Five Lessons Learned - Swingin' Utters
  • City Stars - Born Allah

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