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If you like Pro Skater, you will probably like this one 0

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 is a fun game to play when you just want to chill or when you want to play with your friends or compete with them. It includes Career Mode (which gives you different challenges to accomplish to unlock new levels, earn special tricks, and earn pro points), Single Session (which gives you two minutes to skate around a level, counting up your point total), Free Skate (which is like Single Session, except your points don't total, and there is no time limit), 2-Player Mode (i...

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Kick Push 0

The bearings are still rolling as the board flips. It's a kickflip, his foot slides up and kicks down to demonstrate such. It's rolling now, and his feet are hovering… wait, no, one foot comes down! And up! Underflip, repelling the other way now, feet lifting a little higher. The board completes its rotation while still in the air, and the skater lays his feet across the griptape. Pressure down and land, roll away. Kickflip Underflip.Imagine that concentrated awesome and win. Now imagine blowing...

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A big risk that paid off. 0

This is now the 4th installment in the ever popular Tony Hawks series and a welcome one at that. This game does not rest on the success of the previous games, infact the developers have completely changed the way the series is played while maintaining the core gameplay mechanics that have made Tony Hawks a hit to begin with. Gone are the 2 minute runs that saw you frantically rushing through levels to get all the goals complete before the clock runs down. Instead there are no time limits and in ...

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An Unfinished Port 0

Vicarious Visions was selected to create this port of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4.  Vicarious Visions is pretty well known to Tony Hawk fans as the company that has created most of the handheld Tony Hawk games. This was the only Tony Hawk game that they have ever ported for a console, in this case, the PS1. Vicarious Visions does fair job porting this game.  The gameplay is very much like Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 & 2. Obviously, many of the gameplay mechanics that existed on the PS2, Xbox and G...

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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 Review 0

Neversoft took the already fantastic Tony Hawk formula and added new tricks and a new goal system. The time I spent playing this game were some of my favorite gaming moments of all time. Wow... just wow...The basic gameplay has stayed the same. X is jump, Square is fliptrick, O is grab, triangle is grind, R2 is revert, up-down is manual, and the d-pad or the analog stick is move. But it also adds spine transers, by hitting R2 while in the air, you move to a ramp in front of the ramp you came off...

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