Do you think Torchlight might go on sale again?

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I bought Torchlight this morning and my brother, after playing it, loved it. Since it was so cheap, I was going to buy him a copy, but upon returning to the Steam page it had gone back up to a whole nine dollars! This isn't a significant amount but I don't want to buy it now and find that it has dropped back down to three dollars a few days from now or something like that. At the same time, I also don't want to wait and chance it going back up to a whole fifteen.

So, duders that are more experienced with Steam sales, do you think I should wait and see if it goes back down before gifting it to him or chance it going all the way back up to fifteen?

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Just wait. Steam Sale ends on the 22nd, and the last day of sales has always been a "best of" sort of thing. So I think there's a good chance that Torchlight will appear again, either as a daily deal or as one of those flash sales.

EDIT: Also, Torchlight is guaranteed to be $9 up until the 23rd, so if it doesn't go on sale again before then, you have until the 23rd before it goes up to $15.

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It wont go back up to $15 until the end of the sale, and there's a set date for that. So just wait til the last day, and if it hasn't gone down by then, feel free to buy it.

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All right, thanks! I never knew clicking could be so much fun...


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