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Turok: Rage Wars is a arena-based first-person shooter developed by Acclaim Austin and published by Acclaim for the Nintendo 64 on October 31, 1999. A spinoff of the Turok video game franchise, Turok: Rage Wars focuses on multiplayer arena matches rather than a single-player story campaign. The game is very similar in concept to Unreal Tournament and Quake III: Arena, which were released shortly after Rage Wars. A completely different Turok game with the same name was released for the Game Boy Color in December 26, 1999 (as a 2D platformer).
The game supports up to four players at a time with a combination of split-screen multiplayer and AI bots. The game also contains a single-player campaign mode, dubbed Trials Mode. In that mode, you must complete various deathmatch challenges in various game modes (including boss fights) with each available character to unlock weapons for use in Trials Mode, extra skins for that character, and playable characters in Multiplayer and Trials Mode. A special version of Trials Mode can be played with two players, though early versions have a glitch that makes completing the mode impossible.


The game contains four game modes, each can be played up to 4 players (or bots):
  • Bloodlust - Standard deathmatch.
  • Team Bloodlust - Standard team deathmatch.
  • Capture the Flag - Capture the flag focused on a neutral flag.
  • Frag Tag - In this game, a random player changes to a monkey, chicken, or a harmless baby raptor. Their goal is to find a target area to enter while the other players try to frag it.


Each player can have up to six weapons at a time: the Warhammer, a choice of two bullet weapons, a choice of two energy weapons, and a choice of one explosive weapon. The only characters with exceptions are Tal'set, who has access to all the weapons at once, the Raptor, who uses claws, and the Mites, who bites or spits acid. Each weapon has both a primary and secondary function, share ammo with other weapon types, and is sometimes limited in use in Trials Mode.

Bullet Weapons

  • Mag 60 - Standard pistol that either fires a three-round burst or a powerful, laser-assisted, single shot. (At the cost of both ammo and movement)
  • Shotgun - Standard shotgun that also has a "Street Sweeper" firing mode (fires four shells at the same time accurately).
  • Assault Rifle - Standard assault rifle that has a single shot or rapid fire mode.
  • Minigun - Powerful minigun that includes a shield that can absorb damage at the cost of energy ammo while still allowing you to fire.

Energy Weapons

  • Tek Bow - Bow and arrow. Used for long-range sniping.
  • Plasma Rifle - Standard plasma rifle that's similar to the Tek Bow.
  • Boomerang - A boomerang. Locks onto enemies while aiming the boomerang. Secondary throw slows down enemies at the cost of more energy ammo.
  • Radioactive Flare Gun - Flare gun with two flare sizes: small (green) and large (purple).
  • Freeze Gun - Energy weapon that fires beams that either slow down enemies or freeze them.
  • Emaciator - Fires electric balls that shrinks the enemy.
  • Inflator - Fires beams that inflates the enemy.
  • Chestburster - Unlocked after beating the Warehouse with the Mantid Soldier. Fires a beam that implants the enemies with an alien. If that enemy doesn't kill you, an alien pops out of his chest a la Alien, killing him instantly.

Explosive Weapons

  • Scorpion Launcher - Rocket launcher. Secondary function sets a magnetic field that attracts rockets.
  • Napalm Gel - Remote mine launcher.
  • Grenade Launcher - Grenade launcher with two firing modes: One that explodes after a few bounces and one that explodes after direct contact.

Other Weapons

  • Warhammer - The basic melee weapon for every character (except Raptor and Mites).  Has a normal swing and a charged swing (dealing more damage). Uses no ammo.
  • Cerebral Bore - Classic item from Turok 2: Seeds of Evil. You must lock on to an enemy to use it (and it takes some time), pierces the skull for heavy damage and paralyzation.
  • Sentry Turret - Deployable sentry gun item. Fires rapid laser beams.
  • PFM Mines - Proximity mines. Can hurt enemies, teammates, and yourself.
  • Iron Claw - Basic bear trap item that deals small damage over a short period of time.

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