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A typewriter is a device that has a series of buttons or 'keys' typically with the letters of the alphabet imprinted on them.

example of typewriter keys

When these buttons (or keys) are pressed, the corresponding character is transfered onto a medium, typically paper. These devices were traditionally used in business and by professional writers. However, beginning in the 1980's these machines have been gradually replaced by personal computers running word processor applications.

Use in video games

Resident Evil

In the Resident Evil series, typewriters are used to save the player's progress. In all mainline Resident Evil games before Resident Evil 4, however, players needed to have an ink ribbon to save so saving was limited. Resident Evil 5 then abolished the typewriter saving scheme in favor of the more modern auto-saving method. Resident Evil 6, while too relied on auto-saves, at least used a typewriter as the icon to show the game was currently saving.

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