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The video game debut and retirement of Kimbo Slice 3

  Once upon a time there was a little boy in named Dana, and this boy had great dreams. “One day, I’m going to be the bravest bald man alive. And god do I hate that Tito kid!” So he worked, and struggled, and toiled, and knew some people who owned some casinos, and they bought a strange organization called Ultimate Fighting Championship. And through a combination of blood, sweat and tweets, he transformed this small haven of underground boring Royce Gracie fights to a mainstream epicenter of b...

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That One Busted Him Wide Open! 1

I'll start off by saying that I am a big fan of 3D fighters.  I love the Fight Night series and the Soul Calibur series as well.  The ability to side-step incoming attacks and parry is a must for me in a fighting series.  UFC 2010 allows both of these things, as well as all of the intricacies that come along with MMA as a professional sport.  The offline fighting is smooth and the hit detection is spot-on.  The fighters are well rendered, and the character creation is great.  Fighting with your ...

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So you wanna be a fighter? 0

 Knock-out blow As a first-year product, UFC 2009 Undisputed was a fantastic start for the Mixed Martial Arts series. It accurately recreated the hard-hitting sport, with a solid stand-up game, plenty of depth and strategy to the ground and pound and its vicious submissions; an impressive bevy of fighters, and competent single player and multiplayer options. Its only problematic flaws came from some unwieldy controls and a severe lack of beneficial tutorials. Mixed Martial Arts is a p...

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Ain't Gonna Be No Rematch 0

  I think we can all agree that the modern mixed martial artist is in a class of athlete unto itself.   Able to deftly weave between the power and grace of a boxer, with the agility of a gymnast and the mental acumen of a tournament chess player, a mixed martial artist must not only be physically imposing, but must also know exactly how to respond to any of the thousands of life-threatening (the UFC has never seen a fatality, but is always theoretically possible when 205lb men punch one another ...

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Better than the first but.... 0

This game is better than the first, so if you are looking for a step-up from last year you will get it. Now this game offers a ton of new fighters and new moves. Carrer mode has vastly improved and decreased also. Now they added were you can have post-game interviews after the fight! great.. right? Except for the fact that your guy uses the same 3 lines all the time! Also you have a stat decay feature in this one. It seems like a good idea to keep from getting Super Create-A-Fighters but it gets...

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Step inside the new & improved octagon in UFC 2010 0

 UFC Undisputed 2010 improves on the formula that 2009 established while tweaking all the minor problems that the original game contained. There are more fighters, more options for online play, a bigger career mode, and plenty of tutorials to understand the aspects of MMA you will need to have in order to score the victory against your opponents. So you wanna be a fighter? This is how!   The great thing about Undisputed 2010 is that the fighter’s animations all have improved greatly and react ju...

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Good Game 2

I like this years a lot better then the first one. i played the first on ealot and this one i think will take up more of my time. if you played the last one and liked it this is a great game to get! Some of the differences are in the career mode. their are also new fighters and new moves in the game. i really liked how you could make a fighter in the last one and it is just as good, if not better in the new one....

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Ground and Pound 0

They are modern day gladiators as fans cheer for knockout blows and bone breaking submissions. It is the fastest growing sport in America and is wowing fans with both the technical precision and sheer brutality its athletes need in order to just be competitive, never mind to try to reach superstar status. Of course, I am talking about MMA and its premiere league, the UFC. As with every sport in modern America though, you haven't really made the full impact your capable of on the popular culture...

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UFC 2009...wait this is a new game? 0

 I'm a huge UFC fan, so when I heard THQ was developing a title based on the sport, I was pretty excited. I enjoyed several of their WWE games, so I was confident they could make a competent MMA game. Having only the terrible PS2 UFC games to base expectations on, I wasn't very optimistic. Enter UFC 2009 Undisputed. THQ knocked it out of the park. Detailed, yet easily controllable combat mixed with a generous roster made the game very hard for me to put down. With the minimally iterative UFC Und...

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UFC too much for the PSP. 0

UFC is a complicated game with many many controls to master.  Striking, clinching, and ground game all require a whole set of moves which requires a lot of buttons.  A console controller can manage it but its still a pain.  The PSP is missing two buttons and a stick.  It does not help that the nub it has is the suck and the d-pad isn't suited for a game like UFC.  Trying to control your fighter is more of a challenge then the AI.  Like any Sony controller, the PSP is made for small hands so us w...

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Undisputed 2010 Career mode 2

Undisputed 2010 hits shelves to prove it is infact the Undisputed best MMA video game of 2010. THQ's latest installment improves on an 2009 title that suprised many with its explosive response from MMA and Non MMA fans. U2010 comes at you with over 100 current UFC superstars along with some unlockable characters thru pre-orders and such. The career mode is a delightful triumph thru a life of a MMA fighter.   Take your fighter thru the amatuer ranks and live the dream of going pro first in a min...

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Bad Business Decision Mars Game 1

 The follow up for the excellent original title has been launched. Will the series fall into the usual sports annual release malaise of small, incremental changes being hyped up as being huge to justify a retail price?Fortunately, this is a new franchise (these seem to have little in common with the last gen UFC titles), so they have enough room to grow for a year or two. In this case, they've introduced a wealth of game modes. The career mode is the meat, with you going through 12 years of a ca...

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Iteration rather than revolution 0

As seems to be the case with most sports franchises due to the relatively short development cycles each builds on the next.  Dont get me wrong this isnt a bad thing but it does lead to that deja-vu moment specially with the commentary.  Similarly some of the issues with 2009 are still there, its still far to easy to get a knock-out through a well timed punch something i actively avoid doing the said punch due to wanting to actually have a fight.   To give the developers credit the career mode is...

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UFC Undisputed 2010 Review- The WarpZone 0

THQ turned heads last May when they released arguably the most solid fighting game of the year with UFC Undisputed 2009. The game captured the art and science of mixed martial arts better than any game focused on the combat sport before, while still being fairly simple to play. UFC Undisputed 2010 offers more of the same in terms of gameplay. THQ simplified things a bit, but there is still that easy to do, hard to master feel. There is still a gratifying feeling when you perform a move for the f...

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