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Biography from TV Show

Ulrich Stern is German student in Kadic Junior High School in Paris, and is friends with fellow protagonists Jeremy, Odd, Yumi and later Aelita. He is the introvert of the group who, though courageous, doesn't say a lot in school or shares much about his personal life. In addition, Ulrich struggles in school probably more than any of his friends and this eventually causes some problems with the school staff and with his family. Ulrich and his friends are the unofficial guardians of Lyoko, a virtual world ruled by the evil virus XANA. When logged into Lyoko, Ulrich adorns a yellow samurai outfit and he is armed with a samurai blade (eventually he would get 2 blades). In addition to the new outfit Ulrich has lightning speed as well as the ability to create 2 other identical clones of himself (ability known as Triplicate). On top of that, Ulrich is very athletic and he is adept in Pencak Silat (an type of martial art).  

Ulrich certainly has the tools to be an able Lyoko guardian, although this might not mean anything in the real world as a student. Academic issues aside, Ulrich had to deal with Elizabeth (aka Sissi) Delmas, who has affectionate feelings even though these sentiments are not reciprocated. Ulrich's seriousness also could alienate himself from his other friends (most notably Odd). Ulrich's inability to be outgoing also causes trouble when he attempts to express himself in front of his friend Yumi, whom Ulrich wants to start a romantic relationship with. Because of this, the two clash often throughout the series (even though Yumi also shares the same feelings as Ulrich but is unable to admit it) although they usually forgive each other at the end.   

In the end, the guardians manage to destroy XANA and shut the Supercomputer once and for all, and the protagonists are now looking forward to their new "normal" lives. The relationship between Ulrich and Yumi, in the end, is still unknown. 

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