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The Ultor Corporation is a conglomerate of multiple different business empires, and they operate during four different THQ games: Saints Row, Saints Row 2, Red Faction and Red Faction: Guerrilla. During the events of Saints Row, the company is headed by Dane Vogel, who is operating under a board of directors. Later on, during Saints Row 2, Ultor is controlled by Eric Gryphon.

Saints Row

During the events of Saints Row, Ultor is a modern company that was formed in 2006. They produce clothing, which is relatively upmarket. Their main label is Ultor Unlimited, which appears to be a reference to real life clothing designer Marc Ecko's Unlimited clothing range. The company used aggressive tactics, and expanded quickly into the massive corporation it is during the events of Saints Row 2. In Saints Row, Ultor is headed by Dane Vogel.

Saints Row 2

In Saints Row 2, the Ultor Corporation is shown five years after its foundation, in the year 2011. At this time, Ultor has grown into a mammoth organisation, and during the five years that The Boss has been in a coma, Ultor have performed incredibly large changes to the city of Stilwater. The Saints Row district, which previously housed the 3rd Street Saints, was torn down and entirely rebuilt by Ultor, who spent $383,781,187 on transforming the sector to the most luxurious area of the city. The Saints Row district was pulled up by Ultor into a modern area of the city, featuring apartment buildings and modern towers. In addition, the Saints' hideout, a church, has been kept by Ultor as a monument against gangs and criminal activities.

The Ultor Corporation's headquarters in Stilwater, the Philips Building, is the core of the Ultor Corporation. It is the tallest building in the game by a considerable margin. The police force has also been purchased by Ultor, and are now their own personal army. The city of Stilwater, in short, has become Ultor's model city. However, during the storyline of Saints Row 2, the truth about the Ultor Corporation seeps out.

Ultor is not the organisation that it seems to be. Far from it. Ultor is actually an incredibly corrupt group that almost encourage the gang activity in the city, despite what the monument of their church suggests. Dane Vogel has dealings and connections with three of the gangs operating in the city, and uses them as part of their force. Dane Vogel had an extremely close working relationship with Shogo Akuji, leader of the Ronin. This business agreement did fall apart however, when Kazuo Akuji, father of Shogo arrived in the city to show Shogo how to run the gang. He does not approve of Shogo's dealings with the Ultor Corporation and severs all ties with them.

After the 3rd Street Saints are reformed by The Boss, and begin to grow in size, the Ultor Corporation plays the three gangs against the Saints, in an effort to destroy them. The Corporation's intention through this was that all the gangs in the city would fight among themselves, and when they were weak Ultor could pounce and destroy them all, or the gangs would simply destroy each other. When the Saints fight off all three gangs in Stilwater and ruin the Ultor plans, the corporation step up on an offensive against the gang.

After an assassination attempt is carried out by the Saints on Dane Vogel's life, Ultor turns all their force against the gang, which proves to be a poor decision. Ultor could afford to have an all-out war with the Saints, though it was a war they eventually lost after many of the members of the Board of Directors were assassinated. After some time, the player manages to enter Vogel's office, where he talks briefly with him, before shooting him in the head with a Vice 9 pistol. Vogel falls through the windows of the Philips Building, and lands lifeless on the ground below. After the death of Dane Vogel, the remnants of the Board of Directors scrambled to find another person capable of becoming the CEO of the company. The person they selected is one Eric Gryphon.

Gryphon eventually turns against his own company, and aids the player in an attempt to hunt down Dex, the main member of the Ultor Corporation, and an ex-ally from the original Saints Row. Gryphon aids the player in killing many of Dex's workers and friends, before fleeing the city.

Red Faction and Red Faction Guerrilla

The Ultor Corporation has grown even more during the 80 year span from Saints Row. Ultor now control much of the Earth, and have also helped to colonise Mars, where they initially operated mines and ran secret genetic and nanotechnology research, and subjected their miners to an genetically engineered plague. The Red Faction, with the aid of Parker, started a revolution in the mines as the miners got fed up with the maltreatment by Ultor's guards. The events in Red Faction shut down Ultor's operations on Mars for almost 50 years, but return in force around the time of Red Faction Guerrilla. They designed an incredibly powerful rifle, known as the Nano Rifle, and are as brutal as ever. Ultor now force humans to work on the desolate planet of Mars in order to mine it of resources, such as iron ore.

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