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Ursula, daughter of King Orin of Nordagh, is one of two possible main protagonists in Gladius.  She is the twin sister of the crown prince, Urlan, but due to her father's attempts to thwart a prophecy and keep her safe from the Galdr witches, who would take her away if they knew she was born on the same night as her brother, she has been raised away from the capital and is known only to be Urlan's younger sister. At the start of the game, she convinces Urlan to let her join their father's gladiator school, which he has just been placed in charge of. Usus, King Orin's old friend and the mentor of the gladiator school, convinces her father that she should be allowed to do so.
Upon Ursula's first encounter with a Galdr, a spark of light appears near her fingers. This is a touch of the light affinity, an affinity that was only found in the now-gone Valkyries. Ursula's grandmother was a Valkyrie, and in her, this heritage manifests in the form of strange dreams and unusual abilities, including the ability to blast her opponents with white spell light, slightly heal her companions, and summon a shield when her own shield breaks. She also has the ability to Empower Self by drawing upon the power of the gods, an ability she shares with Valens. Over the course of the game, Ursula's link to the Valkyries and the Light affinity becomes ever stronger, and towards the end of her path, the Galdr allow her to undergo initiation as a Valkyrie, returning their kind to the world just when it is needed the most.
Ursula is a Medium-classed fighter, labelled Hero. Her unique combat abilities are mainly spell-based, but she also has a powerful High Kick that allows her a greater attack distance than her usual Strike attack does. She can wear most of the same armor as Barbarians and Urlan, and can wield many different axes and swords, usually the same as Legionnaires and Valens. When she is the main protagonist, she acquires an unique set of armor and weaponry towards the end of the game, as does her brother Urlan.

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