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I love Mondays, even if it's Saturday.

Posted by Renegadegd

 I love Mondays, even if it's Sunday. 

Posted by NoXious

I love Mondays, for it is Monday!

Posted by Jayzilla

mondays rock. because being at work rulez!

Posted by MonkeyGekko

MONDAY Woohuu! 

Posted by ebritt

i love mondays when its monday

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I'm glad they're reviewing A Boy and His Blob, that will determine my purchase.

Posted by LethalKi11ler

I love Giantbomb <3

Posted by JellyFish_Gsus

Much Love For Mondays

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Is it wrong that I originally thought that the sub-text was a reference to, "Two Girls, One Cup?" 
I'd love to submit something for the QOTW, though I don't really have any ideas for this one.

Posted by Riddell


Posted by GalacticPunt

Man, I don't need no review to know "A Boy and his Blob" is awesome.  The quick look says it all.  I am going to hug the shit out of that adorable little Blob!

Posted by JackSukeru

Oboy, Mondays!

Edited by Hitchenson

I could have sworn the sub-title for this video said something else at first...

Posted by FuzzYLemoN

A nap?

Posted by metalsnakezero

This I love Mondays has a lot of hugs.

Posted by Kohe321

Great week ahead!

Posted by Reverseface

That karaoke    party sounds like it's gonan be fun to watch!
Posted by CitizenKane


Posted by Death_Burnout

This was a really pleasant I Love Mondays.
One thing is for certain, i will NOT be defending smackdown this year, c'mon Yukes...

Posted by Sanj

Can't wait for that karaoke party!
Posted by Damian

I'm just gonna throw this out there ... 
"Randy Pitchcast"

Posted by Bhouse563

Cannot wait to see the stuff on Dragon Age: Origins 360!

Posted by General_D23

Hmm, the 360 version of Dragon Age. I'll see how that turns out.
Posted by Xenos_19

Have a good Nap Jeff!

Posted by twillfast

afrika endurance run coming up

Posted by Trevahhh

Has Jeff lost weight? He looks good.

Posted by Zaapp1

Jeff shouldn't be napping when he has a review to write...

Posted by Swaboo

I thought something horrific had happened but then i refreshed and the Borderlands review was there. All is well.
Posted by Turbo_Toaster

After the turnout for last week's QOTW, this one reminds me of every last SNL Jeopardy question, "Write down a letter. Any letter and you win."

Posted by Gamer_152

Some interesting and slightly cryptic statements about Borderlands from Jeff there. I'll make sure not to miss Brad's very special bathroom visit this Tuesday.

Posted by nrain
@Damian said:
"I'm just gonna throw this out there ... "Randy Pitchcast" "

Posted by InFamous91

Great week ahead

Posted by MarkWahlberg

Yay Lost in Translation background! 

Posted by armaan8014

oh man QOTW's gonna be awesome!

Posted by totriz

giantbomb karaoke party backdrop go!
Posted by MeatSim

It's nap time at the Giant Bomb offices.

Posted by afrokola

Good ol' Bill Murray. Mondays rule.

Posted by IchiroYagiza

Who loves Mondays? 
I know I do. XD
Posted by Druminator

i like your guys goofy hand gestures you always do.

Posted by munnyman5

How has GiantBomb made me actually love Mondays? It's god-damned amazing, if you ask me; just hearing people I like say "I Love Mondays" over and over again has made me follow suit. 
Jeff, Brad, Vinny, Ryan... please don't ever start saying jumping off bridges is cool.

Posted by skrutop

Hmm, I might have to finally get The Force Unleashed since the Sith Edition is coming out.

Posted by Deadend

Nice lead in to the wrestling game Jeff lol.

Posted by CitizenKane
@totriz: GIFs don't really work that well when hosted on Giant Bomb.
Posted by zyn

Taking naps... AT WORK?!  Giant Bomb could probably be the best place to work at.

Posted by thecleric

You know what, I bet Boy and his Blob gets a 5 star

Posted by Lustreplush

4 guys 1 cup?

Posted by buzz_killington

2 Mondays, 1 cup... Man, that was a bad joke.

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