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Thanks for posting this.

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haha best moment

*high pitch* "You're right it is the taking care of business guys" *rofl*

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This is great :D

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New video player. PLEEEEEEASE! I can't get a single video to work on Giant Bomb.

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If there is one video that depicts who Ryan was all-in-one, I think this one is it! Miss you Ryan!

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Seeing this makes me feel happy and sad. Keep having a big stone in my throat that doesn't let me swallow anytime I see anything Ryan related. Miss you Ryan..

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Goddamnit, this video...

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Can't get it to play :(

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Granted I have kind of a strange experience with this song because I knew about it before all of y'all (Ozone and I go way back), but I'll never forget the I Love Mondays that had Ben's footage of Ryan on the floor, unexplained and months before the song was announced. The second Ozone saw it, he knew exactly what it was and started freaking the fuck out to me. The incredibly sweet and awe-struck email he got from Ryan in reply about the song afterwards sealed the deal.

That's how I will always remember Ryan: as a guy who could make a fanboy with a goofy idea to have two of his idols do a joke song about his favorite site feel like the most amazing person on the planet.

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We love you Ryan <3

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I cannot get this video to load and I need it to load.

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@end_boss: it wouldnt load for me till i put it on HTML 5

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Oh man this is soooo good. I've had a giant goofy grin on my face for this entire video.

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It's so bitter sweet watching these videos now. I look forward to a time when I can just watch old Ryan content and remember. For now it just hurts and makes you smile at the same time.

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oh god i remember this vividly, so hilarious

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goddamn it...

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Ahaha this is the first time of seen this. Can't remember ever seeing Ryan laughing so hard. That's fucking awesome. More memories of that great man, the better.

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It's so bitter sweet watching these videos now. I look forward to a time when I can just watch old Ryan content and remember. For now it just hurts and makes you smile at the same time.

Same feeling here.

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This video is just awesome. Its great seeing the pure joy on Ryans face

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It's so bitter sweet watching these videos now. I look forward to a time when I can just watch old Ryan content and remember. For now it just hurts and makes you smile at the same time.

Thank you for summing up how I've been feeling for the past week.

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Can't get it to play :(

Same here :<

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This is one of my go-to moments for seeing Ryan at his happiest. The intern videos captured a lot of good times in Whiskey Media history.

@def said:

Wait, this wasn't on the site before? Was that just a thing on YT?

Anyway, great seeing these awesome moments again!

Intern videos weren't given Giant Bomb video treatment as I recall, but the interns did upload them to Giant Bomb's youtube channel when they were in charge of it.

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This makes me incredibly happy and sad at the same time... GAH, Ryan...

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Pure Joy :)

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The player wasn't working for me, either, but I was able to find the video on YouTube:


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I forgot Ben did these. I loved Lemon's Lens.

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I am happy they put this video on the site. I STILL miss Ryan Davis.

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Oh god that was great. Laughed until my cheeks hurt.

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Was this video just added to the site ?

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@iamjohn: What you said.

The level of sincere joy, fun, and caring Ryan brought to community interaction is and ought to be the gold standard for any community-based site.

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I remember when I first saw this video. I think I watched it like five more times just loving Ryan's reaction:)

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@authenticm: Yeah. Most of the intern videos weren't actually uploaded to the site proper. They were generally in the community showcase area and in the forums.

I thought this one in particular needed to be on the site and shared again.

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Thank you for posting this. Its been a long time but feels like yesterday.

I miss you, Ryan, and that hearty laughter of yours.

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"the taking care of business guys"

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This is such a great video, thanks for putting it on the site properly.

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Watching this video had me alternating between laughing and crying.


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god damn he was one adorable human.

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Fucking awesome content.

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That is so goddamn amazing. Miss you Ryan.

And look, Jerry Buckner actually wrote a few words for Ryan: http://bucknergarcia.com/

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I was a big fan of the interns' YouTube content; it's a shame how overlooked it was.

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Such a great video & a wonderful moment with Ryan. Great to see his reaction to the song in this video. Thanks.

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Euphoria incarnate. Such a jovial duder.

Thanks for posting this @marino.

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Ryan literally rolling on the floor laughing is probably my favorite Ryan moment.

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You're welcome, Ryan. :(

For anyone interested, here is the email I received from Ryan immediately after this video was shot: http://i.imgur.com/pJ4iDV8.jpg

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From now until the day I go to join him, this is how I choose to remember Ryan Davis. Never before or since have i seen such joy and happiness in one person.

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I remember when this came out and just thinking how Ryan is literally rolling on the floor laughing. I can this video forever, and I'm really missing that office :(