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Posted by EricSmith

It has been too long since the last one of these!

Posted by bobafettjm

I really like these types of videos, I would love to see more.

Posted by ripelivejam

clear, non-alcoholic fluid??

Posted by PurpleSpandex


Posted by metalliccookies

activate haircut :D can't wait to give this a listen

Posted by rmanthorp


Posted by mrfluke

lets see the latest controversy :P.

Posted by PimblyCharles

Worth Answering is a good name for these. You said it around 10 minutes in, and it immediately clicked for me.

Posted by echoes13

yo hablar aspanol

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One time my dad was watching me play LA Noire. He's the type of person to write off video games as mindless time wasters (he sinks a shit load of time into the browser version of pac man. I wouldn't be surprised if he was, secretly, the greatest pacman player in the world). His reaction to LA Noire was pretty awesome, because it's really just a well made period/procedural crime drama that you interact with. It was an awesome moment, because it illustrated how far games have come. I feel like I'm growing up along side the medium, which is traditionally thought of by older generations as something for kids.

Posted by Darthozzan

Incredible title =D

Posted by Hershey07

Texas Forever

Posted by Aistan

Patrick Klepek what on earth did you do to your hair, young man?

Posted by beard_of_zeus

What is the title of this video a reference to? I feel like I've seen it once or twice before on the site. Google tells me it's something related to Friday Night Lights?

Posted by The_Nubster

Did Jeff do a video with a similar name? Clear Eyes, Full Jar, Can't Lose? Something like that? Am i imagining things?

Posted by Super_Sonic_Awesome

Patrick's transformation into Steve Guttenberg seems to be progressing nicely.

Posted by Demoskinos


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If you enjoyed The Psychopath Test I really recommend Jon Ronson's earlier book Them. It came out in 2001 but it's a really look into the world of extremists and conspiracy nuts, including a really funny write up of an attempt to get into a Bilderberg Group meeting.

Also, will be fascinating to see you have a go at Crusader Kings II (it was what I was playing while listening to this!). Paradox grand strategy games can be pretty crazy to get into, but CK2 is definitely their most accessible (though they still can't make a useful tutorial...) and the almost roleplaying element of playing a dynasty with vivid characters is a really clever hook. It's also probably the first Paradox game that I can remember that didn't need expansions to make it feel complete (though I am more than happy with the expansions I've bought, especially the one that adds a start date in the 9th century and lets you play as Vikings, The Old Gods.

Look forward to the feature, it's an incredibly rewarding game if you are able to invest them time into it.

Posted by pepperypoon

I think a Friday Night Lights rendition where Patrick is Matt Saracen and Alex is Landry Clarke is in order

Posted by Oni

dat thumbnail

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Oh my word, please please please do something with Crusader Kings II, Patrick. More people need to know about how special that game is and the batshit things you can do in it.

You're right that it might be better suited to a curated and edited video experience, as there's quite a bit of letting the game run and waiting for stuff to happen, but it just has so much potential for hilarity and awesomeness that it's worth doing, IMHO.

If it's something that you're willing to get community help with, then there is a very small but passionate group of GB community members who play CKII and would help you learn the game or guide you towards the more interesting stuff.

Posted by fanboyjustin

i really like these. hope vinny does them when hes in ny too

Posted by MatthewTheBeast

Scoops, you could try Crusader Kings 2 with an experienced player in multiplayer since it now has an actual server browser from EU4.

Posted by Atlas

@beard_of_zeus said:

What is the title of this video a reference to? I feel like I've seen it once or twice before on the site. Google tells me it's something related to Friday Night Lights?

The head coach and main character in Friday Night Lights uses the motto "clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose" to motivate his team, and he says it before every game.

Did Jeff do a video with a similar name? Clear Eyes, Full Jar, Can't Lose? Something like that? Am i imagining things?

There's a video from early in the CBSi days where Ryan, Patrick, and Brad interview Steve Gaynor of The Fullbright Company, and the video is called "Fullbright, Clear Eyes, Can't Lose". I can't think of a Jeff jar time with that name; I think Brad and Patrick are the staff members who love FNL enough to reference it in video titles.

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I gotta say I really don't get everyone turning on Dark Souls II. I like it way way more than the first game.

Posted by PollySMPS

Mr. Klepek, we need to talk about this haircut business. Are you going through a rebellious stage? First the incident a couple weeks ago on the Bombcast and now this haircut.

Listen, Patrick, a lot of us go through this kind of faze and it's okay to talk to us if you need to.

Posted by The_Nubster

@atlas: That might be what I'm thinking of, then. Maybe some references within other videos, too.

Posted by alyt9870

Best of luck in your creative writing Patrick! You have the right attitude going in, I do a little creative writing purely for myself. I feel like it's a good way to think about things in a different way and to get your creative juices flowing.

Posted by turilas

Crusader Kings II would be perfect. Playing from 1066 to 1453 takes a very long time (50-70 hours) but you don't have to play through the whole game. Setting a goal like becoming the king of X when you start as a count or a duke should be enough because the game doesn't really have a proper ending anyway. It just stops and shows you the score ranking screen of your dynasty on January 2, 1453.

Posted by Manlyzar

Patrick's hair looks much better like this.

Posted by Doskias

Hell yeah, Chrono Cross soundtrack!

Posted by lordkilljoy

Please do Crusader Kings II play snap shots. I love that game and its so hard to convince people to give it a chance.

Posted by PistolPackinPoet

nice cut

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Thanks for doing these Patrick. Hope you're enjoying your vacation.

Agreed r.e. Edgar Wright btw... bleh it would have been awesome

Posted by TheMasterDS

Woah! Haircut!

Posted by LordLOC

@super_sonic_awesome: I agree. It's time for a new Police Academy with Patrick and/or a new Short Circuit.

Posted by baka_shinji17

Who is this impostor?

Posted by Darthozzan

@atlas: I've been wanting to get into CK2 for ages but I just can't wrap my head around it =( I did all the tutorials and stuff but... Yeah, hard game to get into imo, do you know any good places that could guide me in the right direction, good online resources with better tutorials or something?

Posted by AMyggen

I agree with the Shenmue talk here. I think the only way it makes sense is if you finance the game through Kickstarter or something similar, especially if you're gonna make it a direct sequel to Shenmue 2.

Posted by Zevvion

I gotta say I really don't get everyone turning on Dark Souls II. I like it way way more than the first game.

Same here. But you know what, they are somewhat different games. I see it similar to Demon's and Dark Souls. I think Dark Souls is a much better game than Demon's Souls, but quite a bit of people think Demon's is still the best in the series.

Even though they are at their core all roughly the same games, they do have very distinct differences to them. I'd argue much more so than sequels to other games. Mass Effect is another series like that.

It's not surprising, is what I'm saying.

Posted by whitegreyblack

That thumbnail makes it look like Patrick's about to make sweet, sweet love to his microphone.

Posted by turilas

@darthozzan: Watching Idle Thumbs klutz their way into becoming the king of Ireland was enough for me to learn the game. Maybe not the most efficient way to learn how play it but it sure was fun. Yeah, the built-in tutorial is terrible.

Posted by Octaslash

Texas whatever.

Posted by amlabella

Chrono Cross soundtrack mention? This Patrick guy is alright.

Thanks for the video Scoops, always enjoy these!

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Posted by heatDrive88

If there's one possibility I am excited for when Vinny gets to New York...

Bombin' the AM: with Scoops and the Wolf featuring THE PUN MASTER, sponsored by Vin Co.

Posted by eloj

After reading Ronson's "The Psychopath Test" I went in after one of his references, Robert D.Hare's "Without Conscience". Highly recommended for anyone who wants to understand more about psychopaths.

Posted by AMyggen

@turilas: That video is a really good. But Patrick is right, you can play CK II for hours without anything really interesting happening, so I'm not sure how good the game is for streaming/a daily feature even if you understand the basics.

Posted by McTaters

Glad you are considering getting into Crusader Kings Patrick. The only problem is that I have a lot of trouble watching inexperienced gamers play through the Paradox grand strategies, because it's a game that, similar to Hearthstone, you can miss a lot of "plays", so to speak. But still, it'd be nice to have someone on the staff getting into the genre, and I hope you have fun with it.

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